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Saturday, October 17, 2009

What kind of plant is this?

Actually it's a vegetable. You can see that this pic was taken back in June when it first started coming on, by now there are so many shoots you can't see the ground. This is what asparagus does when you don't pick it. I just got them this last spring and you aren't supposed to pick them until the 3rd year after the seed was sown. So I will be able to pick them this coming spring, as I got them as 1 yr root stock. I can't wait to have another vegetable FREE from the garden.


jel said...

that's my fav.veggie tale :)

Unknown said...

ASPARAGUS!! We've got tons on our farm too. I LOVE it! I love that it comes back every spring. If you eat it raw, it sort of reminds me of sugar snap peas or snow peas! So sweet!