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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Starting off with a Splat

This month I am going to try to gear up for NaBloPoMo next month. Meaning that I am going to try posting every day. TRY being the operative word.

Normally one starts things off with a bang, but seeing as how I live on a dairy I thought I'd start it off with a splat. In previous posts I have warned my reading audience that I would visit this subject again, so here it is.

On the dairy one has to get used to...ummm...doo, as it were. We get as much of that as we do milk. With 2 orphaned kittens to take care of, I deal with it on a smaller scale as well. Now with hubby in the septic installation business, the whole subject has multiplied. But actually this story came from one of his well-drilling magazines (I don't remember if it was National Driller, or International Driller), in an article by a dude who does water-witching. (Yes, water-witching is still quite popular and merits a different post I would guess.) It is really disgusting and hubby was kind enough to wait until AFTER we had eaten supper to tell it to me. Ha

Seems this water-witch guy went over to this family's house to witch them a place for a new well. They had a hand-dug well out back of their house, with a cement cover over it. Seems they were told they needed a new well because an in-law had come visiting and got a SEVERE case of e-coli, had to be hospitalized. The only thing they could trace it back to was the water.

So the WW guy looks over about 10 feet from the well cover to see another similar cement structure in the back yard. He asks what it is.

"Oh," the man of the house replies. "That is our septic tank. We dug and installed that too."

Turns out they'd made it out of cement blocks. Very porous cement blocks. Only ten feet away from their well. Do you get the picture? It had been like that for many years. They were immune to it because they'd lived with it like that for so long.

Now: enjoy your popcorn, or carrot stick, or candy bar...or whatever you might have been eating while you were reading this. HA HA HA!!!