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Friday, October 29, 2010

I Remember...Hi-Ho Cherry-O

Did you ever play this game? A week or so ago I went into a thrift store here and found this. This is an original box and game; it smells like it's been stored for 30or 40 years. But it's only missing ONE little cherry.

I remember playing Hi-Ho Cherry-O waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back when I was a young'un. It was one of my favorites. The whole object of the game is to be the first to pick all 10 cherries off of your tree and into your bucket. It only requires that a child be able to count to 4. No problem for Ellen, she often wins. She just LOVES it!

I foresee many games of Hi-Ho Cherry-O in the future.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Twin Calf

Last Wednesday we had a set of twin heifers born. One didn't make it. We brought the live one back here and I got some colostrum in her; she was really tiny and wasn't able to stand. Hubby looked at his records and found that they were a month early. I didn't post anything about it because I was afraid she wouldn't make it. The above was a shot of her and Ellen on the second day; Thursday.

On Fri and Saturday she went downhill, so much so that I pretty much gave up on her as well. But happily enough she came around, started guzzling her milk and standing up on her own. On Sunday night I put her in her own little calf house. She's pretty perky now. I got pictures of her today, but don't have time now to upload and post them.

As you can tell by the above pic, Ellen was enthused about her. She kept giving her sticks and trying to get her to fetch, like a puppy. Now that the calf's in her own house, Ellen has lost her enthusiasm, it's just another calf to her. We doubt that this calf will amount to much as a cow, but they all deserve a chance.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Where are the Germans?"

As is her wont, Ellen nearly made me pass out from trying not to laugh at her today.

I was making a cake...a German chocolate cake.

She looked into the bowl of cake mix, eggs, oil and water and asked the above question.

When I told hubby later he laughed and told her they were in Germany.

I got a bit more creative. At the time I told her they were in the cake mix powder somewhere. hahaha...

After all if there are fruit and nuts in a fruit and nut chocolate bar, and there's milk in a milk chocolate bar, why can't there be Germans in a German chocolate cake?


All right. I know, it's on the same level as; there's no baby in a bottle of baby oil.

But it's lots more fun to think like that than to be practical.

Monday, October 11, 2010

This and that along with a promise kept...

Here, after I dunno how long it has been, several weeks, is the picture of the new bulldozer. At least pretend that you are impressed. A machine is a machine to me, though I am coming to appreciate the finer points of what is quality and what isn't. Though that might be applied more towards trailer shopping than dozer shopping. Notice this nice trailer that Mr. Dozer is resting upon. It is nice. The other ones we looked at were not.

Below find a picture that I was going to post elsewhere, but did not want to wait. Ellen was helping me make this pie. As you can tell by her face, she enjoyed "cleaning" the spoon off after we were through putting down the chocolate layer on this strawberry pie. She also thoroughly enjoyed using Mr Chef brush to glaze the berries.

Do not bother asking for the recipe for this pie just yet. It will be featured in my new blog for next month. I will let you know then. 'Kay? Thanks for your patience!

In other news. Today I made crepes for the first time ever. It was laughably easy. I'd always avoided them. Perhaps now I will be willing to make more of them for desserts and such. You can make them and freeze them for later use. That would be handy. The ones I made today are for a main course, filled with.... Oh, oops. I'll tell you this one next month also. :)

Buh-bye for now.