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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fat Tuesday-The Wedding Shower Edition

Hmmmm...yeah.  What do they serve at wedding showers?  Broccoli?  Carrots?  A nice fruit tray?

But, well.  It WAS Sunday afternoon.  And I had already decided that Sunday is the day of the week that I am going to cut myself a break and splurge a weeeeee tad.  So I had a cup of punch and a polite chunk of cake. 

It is gratifying to note that after a week of avoiding sugary things anything with sugar in it now tastes cloyingly sweet.

And I did try the Skinny Chunky Monkey cookies as suggested by the Lumberjack's Wife.  I will post a link if I ever get time.  Needless to say, with no eggs or sugar, they taste like a vegan dessert, but in a pinch they will satisfy your sweet tooth.  Hubby ate a couple and pronounced them "OK" and probably would eat them if there were nothing else sweet in the house.  But Ellen was totally unimpressed; "they taste funny."

Five year olds.  Gotta trust them to come out with the truth.

I have been faithful to exercise at least 5 days a week.  Except I may not get to today.  This morning I went a picked 2ish gallons of cherries.  (Thank You Lord for friends who will share their fresh fruit.)

The problem with that is once you get 2ish gallons of cherries you have to clean them.  These aren't the great big Bing cherries I am used to in the northwest; these are the little pie cherries.

Question for the week; How many pits in just 2 quarts of pie cherries?

Way too many. 


I am going to plant these cherry pits and attempt to grow my own cherry trees. 

Because I am crazy like that.

But, in the meantime here's some awesome, super, great news;

My diligence in counting calories and exercising is paying off.

At least 3 pounds gone!



Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fat Tuesday-The Taters and Mole Edition

Yay me!  I HAVE been exercising most every day; at least 5 days per week; walking and weights.  I have been reading my Bible and praying-though once again, not as much as I ought.  And I have been doing much much better at avoiding sugar; at least for the past 3 days.  Ha.

On Saturday I had a bit of a shock.  I have been trying to do most of these things for the past month, the exercising part anyway.  But when I checked the scales on Sat I'd gained instead of lost!  

AACCKK!!!!  (I would like to think it's because I've build up muscle, which weighs more than fat, but alas, I doubt that's the case.  Ha)

So, that was when I started recording what I eat, AND counting all the calories.  I am going ot have to find one of those websites where you can record what you eat and THEY will tabulate the calories. 

Anyway.  On to my story; because I promised you stories to go along with these Fat Tuesday posts. 

So the number one rule of thumb here on the dairy is that when it comes to exercise, regular chores do NOT count.  If regular chores counted as exercise, you (read: I) wouldn't be fat in the first place.



BUT, come gardening time I count it as exercise because it's not something I do year round.

So anyway.  Hubby was down at his mom's this morning and called me from there to see if I could come down and help ridge potatoes.  (This means he tilled between the rows and then you come along and pull the dirt up around the plant where the spuds will develop.)

YAY!  Some exercise!  Ellen and I went down there and I helped ridge potatoes. With 3 of us (Ellen helped rather halfheartedly for 3 minutes, then she sat on a bench and worked in one of her workbooks that she'd brought along.) working it only took about 1/2 hour to do 3 rows. 

We'd just finished and were congratulating ourselves on a job well done, when Ellen piped up and said; "Look, look!  What's that?"

Crawling on the ground not 3 feet from her was a HUGE mole.  He was about to dive back under the ground when my husband took a few bouncing leaps with his long legs and landed on the top of the it just as it was about to escape. 

Then, not one to pass up a learning moment; hubby picked up the dead mole (which was still intact, though thoroughly dead) and had a biology lesson with Ellen.  They looked at its weird pointy snout, its big shovel-like front feet and stubby tail.

Ellen was fascinated.  She has not yet learned to be grossed out by dead things and I am glad of that.  She might was well get used to the fact that animals die and not to be squeamish about it. 

At any rate; as a footnote to that story; we are having an all out war on moles here; they are taking over everything.  And they eat our earthworms, we want our earthworms for our gardens. 

That's all.  Happy Fat Tuesday-ing everyone!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Bucket Truck

The newest member of our farm.  Here is hubby trying it out to work on the windmill. 
He said he was a little nervous up in it the first time. 

He also said that when we get to using it regularly he will have a harness for me to use when *I* am up in.  As in ME.

This is because he says he needs to be on the ground to figure out what went wrong should it ever break down.  Once the motor stops, for whatever reason, and you are up in the air...well...

You are up there until the motor is started again.
Funny husband.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fat Tuesday-The Wednesday Edition

Yesterday morning, whilst I was out in the garden burning calories, my husband approached on the 4-wheeler.  I knew something was up. 

Yes.  He had this great idea.  He was in pursuit of yet another member to add to our Homestead....a bucket truck.  A bucket truck that was 150 miles (give or take a few) away.  Would I go with him?  Hmmm....

So yesterday, instead of blogging my Fat Tuesday post, I took a 300 mile round trip up north of Lake of the Ozarks.  And, yes, we now have said bucket truck.  That would be another story. 
For another day.

In the meantime.  I have had some Fat Tuesday successes and fails.

Exercise:  Success.  I have been keeping up with my walking fairly well.  Yes, I have.
And, as my reward, so far I haven't acquired any tick or chigger bites...yet. 
When I haven't walked, I have done my Santa imitation in the know, "hoe, hoe, hoe."

Heh heh heh. 

(That's actually my husband's joke, so don't roll your eyes at me, please.  Thanks)

Rigorous hoeing actually is great ab work; ask me how I know.  My abs are very sore.  I spend an hour or more out there hoeing; mostly weeds, but I have had to hoe out hills for squash...etc, too.

Then, here, I MUST confess.  There were a couple of days last week when it was way too stinky hot and humid to get outside and exercise.  So I turned on the A/C and exercised in the front room to a DVD. 

 Don't laugh too hard, but these are the guys I exercised with:

The Wiggles

Laugh all you want, but when you stop, remember; there's a reason these guys are so skinny.  If you do not know who they are you obviously don't have small children in your home.  And, truth to tell, you aren't missing too terribly much.  I actually think the show is rather asinine.  Ellen loves them however. 

Ellen has a DVD by title of "Hot Potatoes-The Best of the Wiggles."  There are 35 of their "most loved" songs on it, some 50 + minutes of dancing around. 

And really.  Do I want to watch some skinny chick (like Jillian somebody-or-another) dancing around in her tight clothes...the likes of which I'd never put on my body?

Or would I rather watch some vaguely attractive men dance around?

Men, it is. 

Besides, they have great accents.  No? 

Oh, the rest of my goals...

Well, mostly they fell by the wayside.  I have done some freeweight stuff.  I will have to post pics of that.  And I HAVE been praying and reading the Bible and all that too. 

Sugar avoidance?  Ummm...epic fail.

There's always this coming week.


(For some reason my text is centering itself, much like "The Lumberjack's Wife" blog.  I am not doing this in deliberate imitation of her.  But it seems to work anyway.)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Preferred Pump Customer Appreciation Barbecue 2012

This past weekend, on Saturday, we went to the barbecue at above named company.  They are the ones hubby gets water well supplies from.  Every spring they have a barbecue with mounds and mounds of food and tons of prizes.  I think I have written about them before.  They have games for the kids, and for the ladies.  Then they have the big prize drawing at the end of the whole shindig.

Ellen looks forward to this every year.  She calls it the Cake Walk, because the first year we went they did have a cake walk there.

This year however, they did not have a cake walk, but had 3 of those inflatable party type games.  See below.  They also did face painting, or feathers in your hair.  Ellen opted for the feather.  See below.

She loved this baseball one.  The cone blew up a stream of air that would keep the little balls floating.  She was pretty good at giving them a whack.  She didn't make it into any of the holes in the back wall, but she didn't even realize that was what you were supposed to do.

This is Daddy; showing her the basics of the game.

Now here she is trying it for herself:
                                   (It always works better when you stick out your tongue a bit!  Ha.)
                                (Behind her you can see there's a basketball dealy.  On the other side of the baseball 
                                   one there's a bouncy house; Ellen would have none of it...AT ALL!)

                       This year for the ladies they had Bingo.  Ellen and I played.  I won the imitation plant, Ellen won the little jewelry case.  Then they had the door prize drawings.  Ellen won a little canvas kid-sized fold out camp chair (I forgot to take a pic of it), I won nothing, and Hubby, Hubby the bah-humbug-anti-TV dude, WON the big screen TV!  The second to the last prize and he WON it.

                                             What a HOOT!  I just laughed and laughed.

In the seven plus years we have been married we have never owned a television.  We don't really watch it.  Now we have one.  Ellen says she wants to watch her movies on it instead of on the computer.  We will have to figure out how to hook it all up.  Oh the joys of being blessed. 

                                 Ha ha!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fat Tuesday

(OK they have changed blogger around since last I was here, I hope this works.)

I have joined The Lumberjack's Wife this month of May in her Fat Tuesday program.

Click here: Fat Tuesday, for the link to her blog, and if it seems good unto you, you can join too! The more the merrier, yes?

My health goals for this months are:

1) Walk. As in every day. For at least half hour, if not much, much longer.

You should be proud of me. Walking in backwoods Missouri is fraught with many dangers...stray hunters not the least. You just never know when a turkey hunter may show up on your back 40 somewhere. (Thus there will be no potty breaks behind bushes.)

My walking areas generally consist of cow pastures. (Dairy Daze, you know, life on the dairy and all that jazz.) Cow pastures in spring are filled with ticks, chiggers (yes, they are out early this year, I am scratching a couple of bites as I type), and wandering snakes. Though copperheads are generally nocturnal, such knowledge isn't terribly comforting.

Today on my walk I was distracted by a small alligator snapping turtle. They aren't dangerous, but are fun to watch. When you approach them turn around and stick their butts up in the air at you. I suppose they think a predator will attack their behinds instead of their heads. And...

What? Oh, I guess should come up with more goals.

2) Avoid sugar.

Heaven help me. I have already given up coffee as of last July. And I have given up chips and soda as of about 3 months ago, I forget exactly when. But sugar is my main pitfall. It is just found in SO many things. And I like it so much. Argh!

3) Free weights.

I am going to try and work on my arms and upper body strength. This is for various reasons. Number one is to burn more calories. Number two is because it helps build up your bones. I am getting elderly, (heh heh heh) I don't want to get osteoporosis (or however you spell it.)to set in.

4) Pray more and read my Bible more.

I believe spiritual health and physical health go hand in hand.

5) Eat better.
I guess this goes without saying, but I thought I ought to say it anyway.

These are my very basic goals. Good luck everyone!