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Friday, August 6, 2010

Another new member of the family...

Hubby put the dozer in the shed, so I can't really get a good picture of him, yet. But here is the trailer that will carry him around. It's called a "lowboy." I asked why that particular moniker.

The answer is that this is lower than a regular semi trailer. OK. I will take hubby's word for it. To me a trailer is a trailer...some are longer, some are different colors, some have sides. know.

In any case, it is our newest acquisition.

What other news can I share? Hubby said that one juicy piece of news that we have cannot be shared with anyone. Therefore I am disappointed because I had a great idea of how to share it. Oh, well. (No, it does NOT have anything to do with babies)

We have a new heifer to milk. But the calf was dead.

I have a new cold.

Today Ellen got to reading a toy catalog and, of course, wanted everything in it. I finally told her; "Ellen we don't have the money."

Ellen knew better. She went to my purse, got out a dollar bill, brought it to me along with the magazine. "Here's the money, Mama, where's my toy?"

*sigh* I can see that I shall have my hands full sooner than I'd thought.

Introducing the book to our newest "family" member...

Yes, we have a new "family" member here on the dairy. Note the quotation marks. He's a pretty big dude, but will come in handy here. We still have fallen trees from the ice storm 3 years ago that need to be cleared up. Forgive me for not having a picture of him to post yet.

However, above you can see a shot of his service manual. Inside this service manual, at the very back, is his operation manual. Do not confuse the two, as I would have. The operation manual is only maybe 1/2 inch thick. The rest of the monster manual is all about servicing him.

This manual pictured above did NOT come with him. Take a guess how much this would cost if you bought it from the manufacturer.

Come on...just pull a figure out of the air.

I didn't come very close to it when hubby had me guess. I made what I thought was a preposterous guess and gasped when I was way under.

Here's a hint. Hubby went online and found a place that dealt in used machines and manuals. He paid about $70 for the manual and shipping.

He saved himself a hefty chunk of change.

Have you guessed something yet?

Are you tired of me leading you on like this?

Hmmm....that book up there on the chair goes for about $690! That would be way over $700 to get it shipped here.

Can you believe that?!


My hubby is such a frugal shopper.

Oh, the newest member of the family is a Caterpillar bulldozer. He's pretty handsome sitting out there in the hay shed. I'll post a pic of him for you in a few days here.

Ring around the Heifer

(*ahem...we begin this post with a sincere apology for the month long absence...the month of August was too hot and dry for blogging, all my words turned to dust before my fingers could type them out. Thank you for your continued patience...)

Really I need to bring my camera with me in the mornings when I go up the road to feed and check on the stock. Last week there was a doe and her twins out feeding by the road. Today...well, today was another story. It began yesterday actually.

Since it has been so dry hubby has had to put out hay for the bull and heifer group up the road. Yesterday morning they had finished their hay, and for some reason their hay ring was up on its side a ways away from where it had been around the hay bale. Hubby went up there and put out another bale (these are the big round bales, by the way...maybe 4'x5'.).

Then this morning I go up there and notice that not only is the hay ring no longer around what's left of the bale of hay, but it is about 100 yards away, in its normal position (not up in the air on its side) with a heifer inside of it.

*sigh* These boneheads can get themselves in the strangest situations.

So I go in there and with some gunting and hoisting I tip it up on its side again to let the heifer out. She goes walking off.

But wait. I stand there and watch her; all she does is walk in circles. She walked over to the fence, up the fence, into the corral which is next to the fence as though she is going to try to get something to eat. But she ignores the feed bunks and just stands there with her nose against the bars.

I went over to the next pen and fed the dry cows. Then looked again at the heifer. She's still standing there.

So, I had to investigate further. I went back over and shoo-ed her out of the corral and watched her from there. She kept just walking around, occasionally she'd stumble slightly. She walked toward the pond where I thought she'd take a drink. Nope. Just walked around it, kept walking around and around and back and forth.

I noticed she had marks behind her front legs where the metal ring had stained her. She must have walked around with that hay ring on her, trying to get out of it. I think she must have been addled. I certainly hope she comes out of it.

I will see tomorrow.

Shirt-tails, Lost Dogs and a Lesson

A couple more sayings for you:

"His shirt-tail doesn't hit his butt, 'til he finds someone to tell his tale to."

This one has to do with a gossip. Obviously this dates from way back since nowadays when someone gets juicy news all they have to do is whip out their cell phone, ticky-tack a few buttons and have all their contacts informed.

"Its a poor dog who can't find his way back home."

This one hubby quoted at me today after I told him what had happened. We had a couple of dudes fly out here to conduct some business with hubby. They landed in Springfield at about 11:30 AM and then had to fly back out at about 5PM.

They were through talking at about 2:35 PM. Hubby left. At 3:00 PM, one of them knocks on the door:

"Hi, um...I am having trouble getting my GPS to give me directions back to the airport. When I enter the airport address it just gives me this weird message."

"Ah," I say. "Yes, the terminal out there is new, I don't think they have had time to update the info into the GPS system."

Blank look.

The poor guy was absolutely lost. Had no clue how to backtrack his way back to the airport. I had to give him directions, which he had to write down...HORROR OF HORRORS...with a pen and paper!

I had to resist the uncharitable urge to throw myself down on the ground and roll around laughing. After all, this could someday happen to me, too.

Lesson: When heading out into the boondocks and you have a really tight schedule, don't rely totally on your fancy gizmos, they may fail you. After all you don't want some kind of "Deliverance" scenario to develop. WRITE DOWN THE DIRECTIONS, THEN YOU CAN BACKTRACK!

Hubby did call him about 40 minutes later and the guy was almost to the airport, so it turned out OK.

More Vacation...

Here is one picture that I was astounded to be able to take.

There at the zoo in Eureka they have a petting area...I think they actually call it "The Barnyard." Mostly all they have are goats and sheep. You walk in there and they have brushes to groom the animals. Ellen walked in there like she owned the place, took a brush that another kid handed her, and went to brushing the goats. The shot I got of her brushing them doesn't show her face, but she was happy to pose for this one. (Oh, they do have alpaca and a llama, but they were penned up. My nephew said he the alpaca spit on him once...I avoided them. haha)

What is a trip to the coast if you don't go to the beach; even if it is cool, windy and cloudy? We went to the little town of Trinidad, where the beach is much more accessible. Clam Beach near McK, requires quite a hike to get down the water. Ellen was a bit intimidated by the waves and surf, but she got her feet wet a couple of times and watched me build her a sandcastle of sorts. She wasn't much into putting her hands into the sand. She didn't like how it stuck to her skin.

Back from California

Ellen and I got back from our 2 week trip to California on Tuesday. We had a great time visiting family and friends and seeing some sights.

You can't go to N. California and not get a picture of some redwoods. So one day we visited Sequoia Park Zoo. I will post some of the zoo pics in a different entry, but for now here is a couple of impressive shots.

There at the park, in a cluster of redwoods, they have a platform and two slides set up. Here is a shot of Ellen on the bottom of one of the slides:

And here she is standing at the top of the stairs that you go up to get to the slides. This is on the opposite side from the slides, of course.

Believe it or not, I actually convinced her to sit on my lap and go down one of these slides. She was not at all in to doing so alone. She isn't really adventurous and won't go on the swings at all.