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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Anorexic Armless Snowgnome

It was built for Ellen's benefit, of course, and she was delighted with it, though a bit put out because it didn't have arms so that we could put the mittens on it. However I wasn't going to trek around searching for the perfect arms for it. This is good enough. You can see in the background that we didn't actually get much snow, just barely enough to cover the ground, and it has melted off of the roads already. But I really wanted to use the snowman kit, for her benefit, so I scraped snow off of the porch and whacked it together really quick.

For Christmas I got her a snowman kit, and this is what it consisted of; felt hat, mittens and scarf (all of which could easily enough be made at home), wooden eyes, nose, mouth, buttons and pipe (yes, I realize it's upside down in the pic, but it wouldn't stay right side up)all on dowels that you shove into the snow. A cute concept; they all came in a decorated wooden box, which will probably take up space on a closet shelf 10-11 months out of the year. Oh, well, so do all the Christmas decorations.

By the way...when we were out making this Ellen was suited up for cold weather, but I took off her coat, hat, and mittens when we came inside so I could get the kit and the camera. Then we went back outside to apply the kit and take a quick picture.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Picture...etc

I can't believe it's been almost 2 weeks since I have blogged. To be fair, I did work on a post, but saved it because I didn't finish it. That ought to count for something.


Ellen had a wonderful Christmas...thank yous are certainly in order for many. She loved her gifts from afar. This is a pic of her in her Christmas dress, sent to her by her California Grandma.

Here's one thing to be thankful for, sure enough; she did not get ONE gift that required batteries. Isn't that funny?! I am glad of it.

Weather has been below freezing for the past few days. Actually today I think it DID get up into the mid 30s, but is supposed to plummet again. Is supposed to snow again tomorrow night, but not much accumulation. We had a bit of snow on Christmas Eve and day, but again, not much stuck around.

The Big Christmas program is over at church. This means that I am back to teaching my teens on Wednesday nights. Frankly I am glad of it. I looked forward to sitting in on the adult Wed night class for a bit, but they are so boring I could have cried. Well, live and learn. I am even looking forward to laughing at the teens' cutups and yakkiness. (Is "yakkiness" a word? If not I am going to invent it, I rather like it.)

At any rate, for this coming year at hubby's suggestion for something to talk over with the teens I am going to tackle the evolution issue. In searching the world wide web I am finding a plethora of information. It is all mind boggling to me. I am trying to muddle my way through parts of Darwin's "Origin of Species" and I am discovering what I learned long ago in is WAY over my head. My eyes are crossing in trying to understand what the dude was saying.

If anyone has any info they could share with regards to this subject; "The Evolution Myth," I am open to any input you may have. Thanks.

For now...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas is sneaking up on me...

This year it really has, anyway. Usually I have most of my gifts bought and wrapped by Turkey Day, but not this year.

This past Saturday the weather warmed up into the 40s and had you gone down K you perhaps would have seen our truck parked down between the heifer/bull lot and the dry cow lot. That would have been me.

Yes. My husband tends to forgo any non-productive types of work and one of those would be getting a Christmas tree. Therefore, it has become our Christmas tradition that I be the one to bring in the tree.

So to make a long story short; the fence-row up the road is now minus one slightly lopsided cedar tree. In keeping with tradition I took the dull, rusted, nearly useless handsaw and hacked it to death, then drug it up the road back to the truck.

Ellen and I decorated it that night. She was enchanted with the decorations; especially the banana, the peanut butter and jelly sandwich and the ice cream sundae. She also loves to jingle the snowman bells and play with the little angel kitties too.

So far there are only 2 gifts under the tree. But we are working on it.

Monday, December 7, 2009

It's Been a Week...

What have I been up to on the dairy?

This morning we had a bit of a calf rodeo. These cows seem to come into season in clusters, like grapes. So I had about 5 calves to wean at once, (keeping in mind these are all the heifer calves, the bulls went down the road a a few days after their birth)and a hubby who is nursing a bum shoulder so we had to be original in our changing pens technique.

Usually we rope them, then push/pull/drag/shoo/gallop them from their bottle feeding pen to their tiny pasture out in the woods; hmmmm....a hundred yards or so. (I am terrible with distances) This time we decided to do this en masse. We opened the gate and carefully shooed them through. They went a few feet and stood nosing around a bit, sniffing unfamiliar things.

Then...BAM...the rodeo was on. They all five took off like rockets...flying past the gate they were supposed to go through. Hubby himself went galloping over to the 4-wheeler and chased them back towards me. Four of them went charging the OTHER way past the gate and took off across the barn yard several hundred yards the other way. One of them came mincing up behind me, looking around and wondering what was going on and where her pals were. I managed to get her through the gate and on down the road.

I turned and TWO of the other FOUR were charging back towards me, then they swerved and headed towards Ellen, who was sitting in her stroller laughing at the whole spectacle. Hubby vroomed around them and we got them headed the right direction and on through the gate.

We turned and there came the last two, straight for us. A bit of luck, that. Another vroom and a shoo and they were through as well. Hot diggity. Nothing like a good chase on a crisp morning to get your blood going. I didn't mention in this whole thing that I'd been running back and forth. But anyway.


This past Sunday we had our annual church Thanksgiving/Christmas pot luck after AM service.

This is what I brought:

It is my take on the "Candy Bar Cake" recipe I got off the internet. The pastor's wife saw a slice of it on someones plate and commented that someone must have brought a bakery cake. I was flattered, but thought it funny. Can anything look LESS like a professional cake? It was all lopsided (I am not much good at positioning 3 layer cakes) and my decorations didn't make much sense. Those are mini M&Ms on top and rectangles of a 1.5 OZ Hershey bar on the sides. The frosting is yummy though, a cream cheese deal; 8oz cream cheese w/ 1/2 cup regular sugar, 1 cup powdered sugar, 1 tsp vanilla...cream this really well, then fold in a tub of Cool Whip and chopped up candy bars...your choice of flavor. Delish!

Not for those dieting, but what cake is?

Those are the highlights of the past week.