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Tuesday, March 7, 2017


After changing some sheets and washing a couple loads of laundry the dogs and I decided to take a break from our domesticity and escape to the wild side.

Looking down the hill toward the creek bottoms you can see things starting to green up a bit.

 We headed down to the pretty-much-dry creek bed.  The dogs romped around and had a splendid time.

 We found one fairly large pool, which was handy and they worked up a powerful thirst.  Deuce, as is his wont, promptly waded out and laid down in it.  But was up too quickly to catch on camera.  He believes in total immersion while Bella daintily laps around the edges. 

 My mom is forever fascinated by "those white trees" so I took a pic of the gigantic sycamore down along the creek bank; leaning up against it and looking up.  

On the way back we cut across the field.  Bella was fascinated by the mouse trails in the grass.  They wear little rodent highways from grass clump to thorn thicket.  
This pond used to always be dry; even in the wettest weather, even though it is spring-fed.  Now it seems to always have water, even when it's been so dry.  

Then we trudged up the hill and came back to reality.  But even a brief escape from reality is nice.

I am thankful for dogs who don't know how to worry, they teach me to enjoy those stolen moments of peacefulness in life and endure domesticity until an escape happens again.  I am thankful for the refreshing of a pool or pond of water when least expected.  I am thankful for the green things coming back to life again.