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Monday, April 18, 2011


Over six hundred posts in 4 years. That's not a really great record.


Let's see. What can I post about?

The peas are sprouting. I know, I know...hang onto your hats, it doesn't get much more exciting than that. Ha.

Ellen is starting to learn how to use the mouse on the computer. I pull up "Paint," draw a few overlapping shapes and then let her use the mouse to choose different colors and fill each section in. The only problem is that I think she's going to be a true lefty, and I have the mouse set up on the right side. I'm a southpaw, but I use my right hand for different things; like cutting with scissors, and the mouse...etc. Maybe if I have her learn the righty way, she'll be more ambidexterous.

Our trip to CA is set in stone. Ellen is anxious to leave. She wanted to up and go today. I am not so anxious about the traveling part. Being there and visiting everyone is great. GETTING there is hairraising to me. And for this trip our first plane change is in Chicago, not Denver. Chicago is much, MUCH bigger than Denver, I believe. Hubby says to look up the terminals on the computer and maybe that will help me get an idea of where to go. I will do that, but it still doesn't help me with the getting nervous part. For 2-3 weeks before we leave I will have nightmares about traveling; forgetting luggage, getting routed through a foreign country and not having passports, forgetting my ID, getting to the airport name it.


However...I shall endure.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Neighbors

A little over 3 years ago our second closest neighbor's house burned down. He and his wife subsequently settled with the insurance and got out of Dodge; bought a place in Wisconsin. He had has the place here next to us up for sale for over a couple of years now.

Well, glory hallelujah! It finally sold on Friday; they went and signed the papers and such. The former owner spent all last week hauling junk off of the place.

We are so happy that the new owners are a nice couple from up near Lake of the Ozarks. They are going to use the place as a weekend retreat. At first they are going to just put up their RV here and come down and work on the place as they can.

For those in the know, the former owners, MN and his wife, are actually wanting to come back to this area and are looking for property here. Apparently Missouri is a better place than Wisconsin. From what I hear the taxes are killer up there.


Dairy news

We have two new little bottle calves as of Thursday I believe. Hubby is working our new land acquisition, re-doing the fences...etc. We are going to transfer a bunch of little heifers over there as soon as he is finished.

The garden is partly in and starting to come up; onions, radishes, lettuce, carrots, a little bit of spinach and some cabbages. Once again, I could live without cabbages, but hubby and his family love it.

That's all for now, I feel like my head it about to explode. Argh!