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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

These Hills Are on Fire!

Yet again Bella and I forsook civilization and fled to the hills. 

Well, really, I went over to the homestead to check on the pecans.  But let's not get technical.  The dog and I fled the confines of our usual routine and immersed ourselves in the beauty of the season.

This is probably the most colorful fall I have seen in Missouri since I came here.  There is no way to completely capture it on camera.  But I took a few shots.

Going up the trail to the homestead on the back ridge I got distracted because it looked like Midas had passed through.  The whole hillside was yellow!  It was lovely.

But Bella and I finally made it to our goal.  Though this guy was passing through: 
I told him he'd best run.

But then I reached the old pecan tree.  It fell over way back 11 years ago during the big ice storm of 2007.  There were 2 of them; huge, old.  The other one didn't make it, but this one lived and has thrived; miraculously. 
You can see that it's partly on the old chicken house.  In the pic you can't tell, but there is a young pecan tree growing up from the roots.  It must be 15 or 20 ft tall or so.  I couldn't see any pecans on it, but maybe they'd all fallen off already. 

I snagged a few off the limbs I could reach; most of them were way up in the air. 
Then I walked around taking more pictures.  I will share those in a later entry.  It was so beautiful up there in fall.  Well, here's one last one.  The old house.