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Friday, June 8, 2012

Case of the Disappearing Sign

It was my fault.  I'll just say that from the beginning.

It's that time of the year again; elections are coming.  And well before any election the campaign signs start popping up like mushrooms.  We have quite a bit of road-front property, so we get a few requests for sign posting.  This is OK.  We don't let anyone know how we vote so we give sign posting rights quite freely to most anyone who asks nicely.

No problem.

We have one stipulation:

Just one.

No signs near the house. 

A couple weeks ago the son of one candidate who is running to oust the incumbent...I'll refrain from naming names or offices...but if you are local I'll just say the incumbent goes to our church and you will know of whom I speak.

Anyway.  The opponent's son stopped by and asked hubby if he could put up a sign.  "Sure, sure;  no problem.  Put it up there a ways."

So he did put it up there.

Well, I was annoyed to go out and find it near my garden.  I'd thought hubby meant like 1/2 mile up the road "a ways."  So I yanked it up and took it up there MY definition of "a ways" and told hubby later.  Well, I could tell he was annoyed, so I went up there and brought it back a "ways" closer. 

Apparently it wasn't close enough.

The son stopped back in on his way by and asked us where the sign was.  Hubby explained. 

The son CALLED us.  From home, after he'd gone by where said sign was supposed to be.

HE CALLED US!!! to ask where the sign was.  (it had fallen over and wasn't visible in the grass)

Hubby explained again.  Then went up there and set it back up. 

A few days later the sign was MIA.



We figure we'd offended him so much he just yanked it and gave it to a true supporter who'd allow it to be posted in the yard.

Well.  To me it seems a little on the obsessive/compulsive side to stop in again and then CALL about your political sign.  But I guess if you'd paid money for it you might want to put it where it'd make the most impact.  I dunno.

I just thought it was funny.