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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What I've Been up to...

December's almost here. Yikes! I have to get some Christmas cards going.

I have neglected this blog terribly, BUT I did my 30 day National Blog Posting deal over on my other blog. So, I will now try to get back to you.

Random events in the past week or so.

Last week I learned how to drive the big bulldozer! Piece of cake. It' just a little toggle dealy that you push up and down to make it go back or forward. Well, it's more than that, but for now, just take my word for it. The weird thing is that you use foot pedals to steer it. I have yet to learn how to operate the bucket, but first things first. Hubby wanted me to know how to drive it so I can tow OTHER pieces of heavy equipment around here, when/if needed.

Last week we were eating supper and I looked up and there across the back yard strolled a little heifer. So we had to high-tail it out there and chase her back where she belonged.

Our renter and his buddies got 5 -FIVE- deer this firearm season, all out in back of the rental house. He was some pleased. AND he gave us some of the meat. Now to find a decent recipe.

Ellen has become obsessed with putting on "lip makeup" when we go out anywhere.

Ellen has fallen in love with the "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." The classic cartoon show, that is.

Matilda has decided she's now officially an indoor cat for the winter.

It's now spitting snow outside. I so do not want to shovel snow out of feedbunks and off the porches. So far none of it is sticking!

That's all for now.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Joy of Life

Where is that invisible line you cross when you look at a pile of leaves you've just raked and tell yourself things like; "It's too windy to burn these today and I don't feel like mowing them. I'll just leave them here, even though they are going to get old and gross and maybe attract snakes," instead of throwing yourself into them with careless abandon?

When does the joy of life leave you and fuddy-duddy practicality set in? And why did I ever let it happen? It must have crept up on me while I was busy trying to be an adult instead of enjoying my childhood for as long as it lasted, even if it had lasted until I was 80 or 90.

The next pile of leaves we rake up I am going to throw myself in them as well and have a real romp with my daughter. Who cares who might drive by and see.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Random Fall Thoughts

Here's a shot of Ellen and Matilda. Ellen's shirt would not stay up on her shoulder, nor would Ellen herself look at or smile at the camera. Matilda wouldn't look at me either, so here you have an; "it is what it is" photo. Matilda is almost camoflaged in the leaves in the background.

* Ellen loves to go walking in the woods and pretend to go camping. I am pretty sure she learned this from Barney.

* We have a new lady on our mail route. Not just different, but new. New as in completely green to the job. Last Friday she delivered our mail at 8:55 PM. Yes, right as we were going to bed. Hubby had to get his boots on and go get the mail in his PJs. The next night it came at about 7 PM, I believe. I feel sorry for the lady, she's really sweet. But I hope she can pick up the pace a little bit.

* Firearm season is in full swing. Our renter and 2 of his buddies got 3 deer out behind the rental house. They were in 7th heaven; 2 does and a buck. I waver between hoping it wasn't either of the 2 little does who amble around here and hoping that it WAS them. We want to be able to get some produce from our garden next spring.

* I am seriously considering signing up for the Google application that puts your blog in PDF file as a book for you to print off. I also have thought going to a different site that has an app that will "slurp your blog" and, for a fee of course, will go ahead and let you edit text and photos and then print your blog as a book. But the app for that site has to be downloaded; an interminable task when you are on dial-up.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Reflections on a Funeral

This morning as I was up the road doing my graining of the stock up there, it began to rain on me. The sun was just coming up. I turned around and there to greet me was a double rainbow; just beautiful. There for all the area to see and enjoy; embodying a promise of God.

This morning we had to go to a funeral. I had never met the lady. Her sister had been a neighbor of my husband's family for many years. As had her nephew and his wife, I believe. She'd lived not far from here, and hubby's mom had kept in contact with her and her sister and one of her other family members.

This particular lady who'd passed, I'll call her Bessie, was 94 years and 4 days old. She'd lived in this community for a long time. I am not sure just how long, perhaps 15-20 years. Maybe more or less, I just don't know. I should have asked before blogging.


We went to the funeral. The visitation was from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM, the funeral itself started at 10:30 AM. She and her husband had had 2 children; 9 grandchildren and various great grandchildren. The kind words written on the flyer were contrary to stories told about her by various people, including her family. There were only about 30 some people at the funeral, and we were the only locals. Yes, that's right. We three; hubby, his mother,and myself, were the only locals there. No other friends at all.

For some reason this seriously disturbed me. To have lived in an area and not had made friends or acquaintances who'd come to say good-bye seems like such an empty existance. I understand that at 94 years of age most of her peers have already passed years ago, but still. I hope and pray that when it comes my turn to go, even if I should live into and/or past my 100th year, there will be many people in the area come to say goodbye. Younger people, unrelated, whose lives I have somehow touched.

This day has made me more determined to be a part of my adopted community here in the Ozarks. I guess it isn't so much the desire to make a mark and be remembered as much as it is to make a difference for the better in the lives I touch.

That's my prayer.

Monday, November 8, 2010


OK. So I missed one day. It's a good thing I didn't get this blog entered into NaBlo. In the meantime, I just finished blogging on how to make brown sugar on my New2Me Recipes blog.

Here are a few random topics I thought I'd discuss.

1) I had never heard of a "plumber's friend" until I came here. Back where I came from we called them "toilet plungers."

2) Yesterday in church a neighbor, well, 5 miles or so down the road, asked hubby if the deer slept on our doorsteps. Ha ha. It would seem as though they do. Most any time you might drive here you will see deer, either in the pasture/garden area to the west, or out here in front of the house. There are 2 does that are so tame they don't even bother to run until you get 100 yards from them, maybe even closer.

3)These Asian lady beetles are out in full force today. It's warm, 70s or so, and all the bugs, wasps, grasshoppers...etc, are out for a last hurrah before winter sets in.

4)If I can remember to take a photo of it, I am going to blog on hubby's canteen in the next couple of days. Wooo!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Random photo

Here, for lack of anything else pertinent, is a pic I took back in August. Sometimes we can get spectacular sunsets here. This shot doesn't do it justice. I am not the photographer that jel is (from My Place-link on the right).

But I thought I'd share it anyway. It's my way of saying goodbye to warm weather. It was 26 degrees this morning when we got up at 3:45 AM. Probably will be cold tonight too.

Oh, the photo up top was taken down in the creek bottoms a couple weeks ago, I believe. Cows are still grazing, so there was still a bit of grass.

OK, enough random wanderings. Bye

Friday, November 5, 2010

So many changes in a year...

A year ago Ellen was still peeing in her diaper...and pooping in it as well.

A year ago Ellen was still sitting in her high chair to eat.

A year ago Ellen was still sleeping in her crib.

Now she is sleeping in a big bed. (Of course this means she can clamber out of it and get mom up 4 times per night now, I am praying this phase will soon pass.)

Now she is completely potty trained. (Now if I could just convince her to wear panties. Not even Dora panties will she allow on her body.)

Now she is eating at the table in a big chair. (She's so tall she's never needed a booster seat.)

All of the above was pretty much her own idea; in fact it was 12:30 AM one night when she squalled in her crib and got me up. I went to her and she told me she didn't want to sleep in her crib any more, she wanted to get into the big bed. So, I picked her up, tucked her into it and, voila; that's where she's slept since.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our Polling Place

OK. So I am not doing NaBlo with this blog, but I am trying to keep up with it. And I am already drawing a blank. It's only day 4...

Oh, I know. Our voting place.

This time they changed our polling place. It used to be in the Windyville Community Center; no wheelchair access, no A/C and no central heating; just a potbellied stove. Oh and no potty, unless you count the outhouse outside.

Now it is in a local church in that town. However, this was worse in some ways. The driveway is a single lane, on an embankment/bridge type of deal. The parking lot...well, it just isn't, that's the easiest way to put it. Umm...inside they only used the lobby/entryway of the church. OK, there's about enough room for 3 people to stand comfortably, well, maybe that's an exaggeration, but still, it's SUPER small. Hubby spoke to at least one couple who tried 3 times to get in there, and just went home the first two times because it was so jam-packed.

Surely they can find a better place than that to use.

I hope.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Pet Peeve

OK. I am sitting here typing on the computer, on my new blog, that is. Suddenly I hear someone driving in, really slowly. I watch through a window. Some guy in a truck.

He drives a big circle in front of the red garage. Then pulls up in the driveway behind the house.



Why do people do that? It's so Pavlovian. If you want to talk to someone, get your lazy butt out of the car and come to the door. For pete's sake! It just makes me MAD! I am not a dog to be whistled for! I just went and stood on the porch, made him turn off his truck to talk.


Rant over.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Well, NaBloPoMo is now is full swing once again. I am participating, but with a different blog.

New2Me Recipes

I wanted to do this one too, but they will only let you enter one blog, I believe. So far above blog is pretty boring, but I am going to try get something fun and interesting on there in the next week or so. Maybe I will use the next year to really prepare for it by making more interesting recipes.


In the meantime;

The little twin calf continues to do well. The only thing is that we'd like to dehorn her, but she doesn't have any hornbuds yet. Weird. Probably because she was a premie.

The bull calf we pulled yesterday is an absolute monster. Even if he had been laid right the cow probably couldn't have pushed him out! Yikes! But he's a cutie. Too bad we have to get rid of him.

Hubby continues to prepare for winter; bulldozing fencerows and stretching new electric wire. We have our hay supply in, so that's good. I am not looking forward to winter, but Ellen has been wanting to make a snowman for the past 2 months or more.

Have a good night.

Monday, November 1, 2010

A Busy Monday

It all started off as usual. Except when I went up the road at 6:30 AM to feed the heifers and dry cows I found one dry cow going into labor. We usually give them a while before we go back and check on them. If she had been a first-calf heifer we'd likely have brought her back to the barn ASAP. So I went back and finished chores.

Then at about 8:30 AM, when everything was winding down, a guy comes by and needs hubby to help with his well pump. He'd been out of water for TWO WEEKS trying to fix it himself. To make a long story short, hubby had to go up there and pull the pump again and fix the wires on it. This took until nearly noon.

Meanwhile, I took mother-in-law and Ellen to town. MIL had a doc appointment. When we came back I checked on the cow.

Uh-oh. NO calf!

Hubby came home, ate, then we took Ellen to her grandma's and took both 4-wheelers up the road for a cow round-up.

We got her back with no problems. However, when hubby went in to the trailer to do an examination she kept turning around on him. Sooo...we had to lasso her and hold her. Well, I end up holding the rope, while hubby does all the exploring and pulling.

About the time we are trying to get her lassoed, another neighbor pulls in. He's all excited to get in on the action. He's a trucker, says all that driving is really boring and this is the most excitement he's had in a long time. So he climbs up on the trailer and starts booting at the cow to get her to turn around. (He's in his 60s by the way)

She gets turned around, hubby is ordering Harlan around, "hand me this, hand me that," Harlan is having the time of his life, I am hanging on for dear life to the rope and the cow is wondering; "WHAT is going ON back there. I was trying to have this calf and suddenly these 2-legged fools are messing with me!"

Hubby finds that the calf is backwards. Not a good sign. Frequently when they are laid in that position the umbilical cord gets pinched and at the end you have a perfectly beautiful, perfectly dead calf.

But as soon as he had the legs and hiney of the calf pulled out, the calf's tail started switching around. It turned out to be a huge bull. He was irritated at the whole operation, too. "Get me OUT!" his switching tail seemed to say.

He was soon out, the cow was loosed, Harlan (along with the parts he'd originally come for) had a great tale to tell his wife and family and we were finally free to rest up a bit...

Until this evening when we had to move said calf to a shelter so he wouldn't get soaked in the storm that's now coming.

Bye for now.