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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Always on a Friday

What is it about Fridays? This past Friday I came home from the dreaded weekly shopping trip, (quite late actually because we had to go to Ellen's Play Day picnic, but more on that some other time perhaps), got the sleeping child down for her nap and was headed back out to get groceries when I spotted a lone heifer ambling up the ditch from Mother in law's place.


Great! Hubby and MIL are gone. He left the 4-wheeler up at MIL's place. So I hot-foot it out there. Heifer spots me and bawls once or twice. She knows the jig is up and comes toward me a bit. Then she gets skittish and trots back along the fence line. I think; good, I can herd her back down further on to our place. Ha. Wishful thinking.

She turns around and heads back up the highway, this time forsaking the ditch and walking on the pavement. About this time the neighbor couple come by on their little motorscooter. He gets off and comes forward to help, but the heifer freaks out and goes galloping straight toward them. The gal, who is on the other side of the scooter, freaks out herself and starts squealing and hopping around.

At this point, if I hadn't been so frazzled, I would have thrown myself on the ground and rolled around laughing my head off at the gal's reaction. It was one of those moments when one gets struck by this irrational hysteria; you are under stress but the humor in the situation gets the best of you. If I weren't familiar with the behaviour of bovines and a 500-600 pound, horned beast came charging at me, I'd have freaked out too. But, anyway...

The heifer did stop, I thanked the guy for his offer of help and walked up to MIL's to get the 4-wheeler. However. Hubby had taken the key out of it so it wouldn't disappear, and rightly so, but it didn't help my situation. So I headed BACK up the road and, on foot, chased the heifer around the house, back down toward the back gate behind the barn. She went back and forth in front of said gate a time or two before she went into it.

Thank you Lord!

Later we found out she'd snacked on MIL's strawberry plants and left hoofprints all over the yard. That day we loaded her up and took her to the heifer herd in Windyville.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Big Boots to Fill

Ellen was trying on some boots the other day. She needed a bit of help to get these on and it took her some dragging around to get them off by herself. But she was proud to pose for a few pictures while she was in them. I hope she never is able to actually fit these, hubby's size 12 shouldn't be wished upon any female.

It rained last Sunday on Easter and according to a local saying I have never heard, if it rains on Easter it will therefore rain for the next 7 Sundays. Today is Sunday number 1 and sure enough it has rained most of the day.

Yesterday hubby broke down and in self preservation bought a "Looney Toons" DVD so as to have a break from Barney, Pooh Bear and Blues Clues...etc. We watched a couple of them last night before bed. Today Ellen is asking to watch the "rabbit bug." I couldn't figure out what she wanted at first, but finally it dawned; "Bugs Bunny." Ha!

As far as dairy news goes; Well, we have 2 heifers about to freshen...have their first calf, and one dry cow about to calve. Last weekend, on the 11th, we got a new little heifer calf. Otherwise it has been slow in the bottle calf department. I ahve two to wean this week, that will leave me with only 2 on the bottle.

The spring flush has been slow to come on because it has been so cold. The grass just hasn't done much growing, so the cows had to have hay up until just a week or so ago, so they haven't really upped their production much.

I think the milk prices are still at a low, so no progress there. But we weren't really expecting much improvement soon.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

At the Creek

Happy Easter everyone! Hope all is well on this Resurrection Day!

Here is the latest picture of Ellen. Yesterday afternoon we went down to the creek. This is her newest adventure fun. She loves to go to the creek and throw rocks into it.

"SPLASH!" she will say as she throws each rock in. Then she'll turn around to get a "nar" rock to throw. Of course I have to plunk in a few as well. There is something satisfying in the "gulp-splatter" of a rock going into water.

It seems like every time I take her picture she looks so different; so much less like a baby and more like a little girl. They change so fast.

We had a pretty good crowd in church this Easter morning. Last year we set a record at 110, I am not sure what the count was for today. I told hubby we are going to have to start getting there earlier to get a seat, we have been ousted from our regular pew to the one up behind the pastor. Hubby doesn't mind, but I don't like sitting up front with a 2 year old. You never know when she might blow.

Now that calving season for the beef producers is well under way I have gotten a couple more comments on my Blind Calf Story I posted back in summer of '07. It is weird how people keep Googling and finding that story. I bet there are more people who have blind calves but don't have access to computers to check.

Anyway, we have pretty much let that particular calf go to scrub. Hubby wants to sell her (she hasn't been dehorned) as she isn't the best looking creature on the farm. She has weird white half-moon pupils, kind of like cataracts, in both eyes. She seems to see a bit, but not clearly. I am not sure what will become of her. I don't know if she'd even survive calving if she ever did get bred.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Hijacked Youth Service

On Wed night we had this Easter Cookie Swap Youth Service that I had planned at church.

I learned a couple of things at least.

One: Make sure there is a sign up sheet for different types of cookies to bring, otherwise you will end up with about 30 dozen chocolate cookies and only 2 or 3 other types. BOOOORRRRRING! At least I thought it was, I don't think the kids minded too much.

Two: Make sure the adults know this is to be a YOUTH service. No adult input allowed.

We have great musical talent in our church among the youth. A couple of them even write their own lyrics and music. So I'd asked them to lead the song service and to choose what type of Christian music they'd like to play and sing. To my annoyance someone told them to only do hymns. *sigh* That's old fogey music, but they did a great job of jazzing it up with elec guitars and drums...etc.

Then after the game one of the young guys got up and read off a devotional. I was impressed at his initiative to get up and do that in front of everyone in the first place. He did a great job. Then the younger ones were sent back to decorate cookies and the older ones stayed out front to play another song or two before they went back to do the cookie swapping. Bad idea on my part.

It was about 20-25 'til time to go at 8 PM. SOMEONE, whom I shall not name, but famed for his loquacity, came back and found me and asked if he could talk to them for 5-10 minutes. In complete innocence I said "Sure," and doomed them to a lecture. When I listened in on it after about 10 minutes he was going on about Samson and the jawbone of an ass. Not your normal Easter message, that's for sure.

Twenty minutes later at 8 PM the "5-10 minute" talk with the teens was still going strong. I was highly annoyed and told the other ladies in back there to make sure the teens got their cookies. Then I got out of Dodge before I said something rude.

I filled hubby's ears full when I got back home. He and his family got a good laugh over it; said it really took something to get me riled up! He advised I not do any blogging for a couple of days. Ha. Funny guy!

I didn't want the kids to get lectured by an adult at their youth service. It kind of ruined it for me, anyway. I hope they didn't mind. At least the little kids got to have fun, they missed the lecture. Some of the wonderful ladies did the Resurrection Egg story with them, then they hunted plastic eggs out back and decorated their cookies. One wanted to know when we could do it again. Heh!

Oh, well. Live and learn. At least it's over with and SOME of them had fun.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Going "No 'Poo" and other "green" things...

Hubby and I have talked, in passing, about how huge our carbon print must be due to the fact that we don't have recycling here and our heating methods and such. So I have been doing some thinking on how to be more "Green."

Currently the only real "Green" thing I do is hang out laundry, instead of use the dryer.

So I have considered going "No 'Poo."

"What is that?" you may ask. Well, it's getting out of the shampoo addiction. Which to a certain degree makes sense. How long has the human race survived without commercial shampoo?

Here's a link on going No 'Poo.

In essense it says that what commercial 'poos do is strip your hair of natural oils, then your scalp overcompensates by producing more oils, then you 'poo again the next day and your hair gets dried out and THEN you put the fake stuff back in with conditioners. And you continue repeating the process. And in the meantime you have polluted the groundwater with all sorts of needless chemicals.

So a couple of months ago I thought I'd try it. But I think I did it wrong, because I didn't know the right ratio for the baking soda and water and I used straight white vinegar as a wash, instead of apple cidar vinegar, and it started bleaching the color out of my hair. HA! Apparently you go through a greasy stage where your scalp continues to overproduce oils until it finally balances out, but I didn't get to that stage. Perhaps I will have to try it again and do it properly as they describe in the website. I will let you know. It would certainly be cheaper. My boxes of baking soda are always expiring before I can use them completely.

There is one other "green" thing I have read about that I will certainly NOT be trying. I don't think I could get hubby to agree to it anyway. That would be using "humanure" on the garden.

Here's what Wikipedia says about "humanure."

Apparently you have to get a special kind of composter to process it properly. You don't use it raw. Urgh!

In the meantime I will continue hanging out my clothes in 29 degree F weather as my "green" thing.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Easter Fun

This coming Wednesday evening is going to be our Youth Service Cookie Swap at church, so yesterday I tried my hand at making these little guys. It's just a no-bake cookie recipe molded into nest shapes with mini jelly beans in them. You can make them in a mini muffin pan, but I think the ones I did free-form on the cookie sheet look better. I am also going to make a batch of the chocolate recipe, and they will probably look better, more nest-like maybe, to show off the jelly beans. But I had to find a recipe that doesn't include peanut butter, on account of one of the girls in the class has a deadly nut allergy, her mom packs around in inhaler for her just in case. She isn't as allergic to peanuts as she is to tree nuts, but I am not going to take the chance.

One of the boys in the class offered to lead the teen devotional for this youth service. He will probably chicken out because this past Wed night he asked if there would be adults watching, I said, "Yes." So we shall see. In any case, all they are going to do is just play a game; two teams will see who can win at covering one member completely with toilet paper. Then after they are done you use the empty wrappings to illustrate the Easter Story. It ought to be fun.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cheese picture...etc

Here's a picture of the white cheese I made. Actually the recipe called it "Queso Blanco" which just means white cheese in Spanish.

According to Moe, who sent me an email, my blogger email now works. So send away if you'd like.

We hauled more heifers today; moved some from the bull pen over to Windyville. Ellen isn't too impressed with cattle hauling, so she stayed with her grandma. Ellen doesn't like it when we get out of the truck and leave her in there alone. She squalls and squalls. So we spare her the ordeal, and ourselves the worry and headache. Besides, I don't like going into the bull pen myself, let alone take her in there.