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Sunday, April 12, 2009

At the Creek

Happy Easter everyone! Hope all is well on this Resurrection Day!

Here is the latest picture of Ellen. Yesterday afternoon we went down to the creek. This is her newest adventure fun. She loves to go to the creek and throw rocks into it.

"SPLASH!" she will say as she throws each rock in. Then she'll turn around to get a "nar" rock to throw. Of course I have to plunk in a few as well. There is something satisfying in the "gulp-splatter" of a rock going into water.

It seems like every time I take her picture she looks so different; so much less like a baby and more like a little girl. They change so fast.

We had a pretty good crowd in church this Easter morning. Last year we set a record at 110, I am not sure what the count was for today. I told hubby we are going to have to start getting there earlier to get a seat, we have been ousted from our regular pew to the one up behind the pastor. Hubby doesn't mind, but I don't like sitting up front with a 2 year old. You never know when she might blow.

Now that calving season for the beef producers is well under way I have gotten a couple more comments on my Blind Calf Story I posted back in summer of '07. It is weird how people keep Googling and finding that story. I bet there are more people who have blind calves but don't have access to computers to check.

Anyway, we have pretty much let that particular calf go to scrub. Hubby wants to sell her (she hasn't been dehorned) as she isn't the best looking creature on the farm. She has weird white half-moon pupils, kind of like cataracts, in both eyes. She seems to see a bit, but not clearly. I am not sure what will become of her. I don't know if she'd even survive calving if she ever did get bred.

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