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Sunday, June 24, 2018

A Family Picnic

For the past year or two Ellen has wanted to go fishing.  I dunno why, she just has.  The main reason we haven't is mostly because of scheduling.  Everyone rather wanted it to be a family affair; to get us all together, including the grandmas, and make a picnic out of it.

This opportunity came when I gave up my Sunday School class this past May.

So we made big plans for last Sunday; which coincidentally happened to be Father's Day.

We packed a lunch, picked up Aunt Kathy and Grandma Davis (my mother) and off we went to Bennett Spring.

First thing we did was unpack the Grandmas:

The Rollator Brigade.

Then we ambled over to the store there, I dunno its official name, and got fishing licenses and day passes for Gary and Ellen.  After that the fun began.

I didn't manage to get a shot of Ellen actually casting or fishing.  The fish all remained safe for Gary and Ellen's part; though the lady a hundred or so yards down was catching them left and right.  Ellen actually snagged a fish skin, but that was all.

Now that they have licenses, maybe we will go fishing once again.

In any case we had a great picnic and a good time was had by all.

Especially my mom, who lives entirely in the moment and rarely ever gets too hot. 

Friday, June 1, 2018

A Floater

Yesterday morning I was off in my own little world whilst doing chores.  Slinging grain for the critters isn't the most exciting of jobs and it is easy to get distracted thinking over the day's plans or whatever. 

Day before I remembered that Gary had added another dry cow up to the dry cow pasture, but that thought was on the back burner while I was up there feeding them.

Then I saw a crow land in the grass out by the pond.  I don't like crows; they are loud, obnoxious, and kill baby birds and whatever else they can.  So anyway, I thought I'd go over there and see what that darn crow was after. 

I drove over there, didn't see much, but when I raised my head I saw a dead cow in the pond; floating over toward the east bank; where all the trees and brush are.


I hadn't done a head count, so it was a good thing that crow was over there.  I wouldn't have seen her if I had just left.

I told Gary about the cow.  He had to wear only his shorts and wade out into the pond to hook on to her and drag her the bank to get her hooked onto the backhoe.  He said the water came up to his chest, and his feet sunk into the mud almost to his knees.

Double EW.

But he got her out.  It was the cow he'd put up there yesterday.  She'd been off her feed for a day or two and wasn't right.  Apparently she either went to get a drink or went in to the pond to cool off and had a heart attack or something.

Anyway.  I am thankful that is over with and that crow got me over there.  She was already starting to stink.  Can you imagine what she'd have smelled like by today?