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Friday, February 20, 2015

Back at it again

The weather has been winterish here this past week, Ellen has been home from school and there have been many, many things to do.  But without further excuses or ado:

949 puffed chickadee on the bird feeder
948 milk on my Honey Bunches of Oats
947 the perspicacity of a titmouse
946 the haunting cry of a gull
945 the swell and crash of ocean waves
944 daffodils in spring
943 the family I was blessed with, growing up
942 the clank and spin of the windmill
941 a printer with a scanner
940 the awkward grace of a giraffe
939 God's sense of humor when He created the giraffe

Monday, February 9, 2015

Well, hmmm...

I was going to do this daily, make it more fun, post pics and tell stories and whatnot.  But it's proving more difficult than I'd thought.  I will try to do better, but I'd also like to get this done and not be listing these for the next year.  Ha!  Here's a few more.  There's a bit of food favs in this particular list.  It must be because I am trying to limit my calories and want some more! (Edited to add picture of Ellen reading...that's better!)

979 a nice, ripe Bosc pear
978 gnarled oak against a bright blue sky
977 the glow of a sycamore on a dim winter day
976 cat purring in my lap
975 dew on roses
974 popcorn with orange juice
973 fresh pineapple
972 sliced bread
971 my bread machine
970 homemade sour dough bread
969 butter melting on toast
968 the feel of rich black dirt
967 the homey clucking of contented chickens
966 chickens scratching
965 chickens fluffing in a dust bath
964 honey bees buzzing in a clover patch
963 shared laughter
962 a new journal
961 daughter who loves to read
960 daughter as silly as I am
959 really good acapella music
958 Bluegrass gospel
957 the click of sealing jars
956 box turtles rustling through dry leaves
955 the smell of alfalfa
954 Matilda the cat
953 the song of a whipporwill
952 the knock-kneed charm of a new calf
951 white chocolate brownies
950 rocky road brownies -these 2 are the only kinds of brownies I can make with any vague success