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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

No pictures for this one; just random thoughts. 

Monday evening my bro Dan drove up for about a 36 hr visit.  He still had to work, remotely w/ his computer and cell phone, but we got in a good visit.  It was good to see him though he couldn't stay for Turkey Day today.

All seven of us (Gary, Ellen, myself and the 3 in-laws) hied ourselves over to my mom's place for Thanksgiving, various ones of us toting bits and pieces of the meal. SIL gets a free turkey from work, so she fixes the turkey, plus dressing and dessert. And a tray of cranberry sauce.

 Aunt-in-law always -for every get-together-fixes a big pot of pinto beans w/ham; cooked on her wood stove.  It might seem strange to have pinto beans for the holidays; but they are delish.  She always gives us the leftovers because she knows how much Gary loves them.  I usually put half of them in the freezer for later on.  Anyway, she also brought lemonade and mixed veggies.

I did home-made mashed taters, gravy from cans that Elna sent over, deviled eggs, and two low-carb desserts; a German Walnut cake and a low-carb pumpkin cheese cake, both of which were very good. Oh and some real whipped whipping cream to go along with them.  That was a hit. 

We listened to my mom's same 2 or three stories of growing up and her trip to Georgia back when she was 15 yrs old; which would have been back in 1944. 

Ellen and I have them mostly memorized because she frequently shares th on Sundays when we are over there for dinner after church.  AND she shares it most every time duringem the ladies meetings at church once per month.Here is basically what she says;

"Oooo...I had and aunt 6 months older than I was, and an uncle who was one month younger.  So I was never the eagerly awaited anticipated first grandchild."

Then she laughs,

Then she goes on to tell her story about how she, her sister, and her uncle went on a trip to Georgia back when they were 15 yrs old.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Random Photos

Here are a few shots of various scenes around the dairy here.  I haven't posted many pictures lately on here so here goes.

Back in October.  This hickory to the east of the milk barn likes to put on a fall show; especially in the evenings as in this shot.

Fall means cooler weather; so off we go to get firewood.  Here is the dairy farmer himself, ripping into this limb. 

This sycamore fascinated me with its wet bright green trunk; the peeled white part sets it off.  Plus the smaller limb growing straight up looks like a separate tree in the background.

In October I found this box turtle fairly freshly dead; just lying on the ground by a stump.  I took it and wedged it into the fork of this tree.  About 4 or 5 days later the shell was back on the ground and quite empty except for a few tiny bones.  I picked it up and wedged it back in to place. 

Heifers happily eating their breakfast. 

Finally; Bella, the happy dairy doggy!
This appears to be a Native American marker tree; but surely it's not old enough to be sitch.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Back Again

Our old laptop crashed a month or so ago and this new laptop wouldn't let me log into Google.  Then when I figured out what I needed to do (clear the history) and did it, Google itself wouldn't let me log in.  For some reason, way back when I created this account I was trying to be all stealthy and private and didn't use a real name for the account.  So I have no idea what my name actually is on this blog. 


But after much finagling around I figured out the email I use for this blog and the log in.  Those two have been inscribed in permanent ink in a place I will see frequently; lest I forget it again, or the computer or laptop crash again. 

So now that I have access I shall attempt to remember stories and happenings and enter them here forthwith.

Yes, I shall.