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Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's raining, It's pouring...

and it's only day 8 and I am having trouble coming up with something to blog about.


They predicted up to 6 inches of rain in some areas today. So far we have just less than 2 inches, so I guess we are doing pretty well.

The kittens are growing like 60. They are almost weaned (thank You Lord!) and are working on getting litter box trained. They seem to train themselves almost.

I've started doing Christmas shopping. Does everyone know what they want for Christmas? I don't know for myself yet even, but I have to come up with some kind of list for my husband. He always wants a list for birthdays and Christmas, but never responds in kind. But that's nice in a way because I usually get what I want and he can't complain about what I get him because he didn't give me a hint or anything.

Ellen has developed this new "thing" for following me around the house, hollering, "Hey, Mama, wait up!" As if I am going to disappear into thin air or slip away before she can catch me. Where she got the "wait up" phrase is a mystery; but probably from some one of these shows she watches.

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