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Monday, October 26, 2009

I made some butter...

Not that this is anything new really. I made up quite a bit of butter about three years ago, before Ellen was born. But this time I actually put it on the table to use. Mostly I'd used the butter I made previously for cooking and baking. At this time of year though the butterfat content of the milk tends to go up, since they aren't eating as much green grass, so I have quite a bit more cream to work with instead of putting it in coffee or cooking with it.

Hubby really liked the butter this time, so much so that I made another batch. He took some down for his mom and sister to try. He said when his Grandad used to have a cow, they'd get "cow butter" from them. But that it tasted "cow-y." He said this didn't taste cow-y. I said, "well, it's just sweet cream butter." I don't let the cream clabber first. Blech! Besides, when it is sweet, you can just put the "buttermilk" right into the milk jug and never know the difference. It's just REALLY skimmed milk.

The main trouble I have is getting the milk out of the butter and figuring out how much salt to put in it. I think I did a bit better with the salt on this second batch, but it was sure hard to get the liquid out of it.


Donna. W said...

Husband here has heart issues, so no salt in our butter.

Calfkeeper said...

That would be much simpler.