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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hooray for Agriculture!

I am tired of the same old lists of questions going around on Facebook and on email. I made this list up myself…have some fun with it. Feel free to add your own questions and pass it around.

Hooray for Agriculture!

1. Do you live on a farm? Yep, dairy.

2. What kinds of ag animals have you ever owned or raised?
Cows. At various different times while growing up we had horses, cows, rabbits, chickens, ducks, goats and one sad sheep.

3. Ever raised crops other than regular veggie garden? Once my dad raised about a quarter acre of wheat. Made us thresh it by hand too. I wasn’t impressed.

4. Ever been injured on the farm or by a farm animal? Once when I stayed overnight with my cousin one of her horses bit me. I don’t think I ever told her about it though. (That would be ML in ID-of course this was in CA at the time) I’ve never cared for horses since then.

5. Ever done any showing of your animals? Won any medals? No, never had anything I wanted to show.

6. Ever butchered your own animals? Do you eat what you sell? Ummm…I barely remember once my dad had a bull butchered. I was quite young at the time and had no idea what had really happened. I just remember people talking about it years after the fact. Here on the dairy we don’t raise our own meat. But, yes we drink the milk we produce.

7. Besides beef or poultry what other kinds of ag animals have you ever eaten? Goat and rabbit. They were given to us I believe.

8. Anything ever happened on the farm that made you laugh out loud? Many, many things. Once hubby sneezed so loud out in the corral that he scared the bull, who was dozing on his feet, and the bull did a cartoonish WHOOPA-WHOOPA thing with his feet and fell to his knees.

9. Ever had to help with the birth of an animal? Yes. I have watched hubby deliver calves often. Once out in the field the cow wouldn’t herd to the corral, she just lay down in a dozer pile. We couldn’t her to the trailer so hubby just hooked the ropes to the calf’s hooves, and we both dug in our heels and did a heavie-ho thing until the calf came out.

10. Ever raised any exotic ag animals? (Buffalo, ostrich, llamas…etc) No

11. Which do you think smells worse: a turkey farm or a cow lot? It definitely HAS to be the turkey farm!

12. Ever driven a tractor? Name off the brand names you have driven. Yes. Allis-Chalmer, Oliver,

13. Have you ever mowed, raked or baled hay? No, not yet, but I am sure it’s coming. I almost did some raking until it rained the night before.

14. Have you ever done any brush-hogging? Oh, yes, several hours’ worth.

15. Own or drive anything other than a pickup truck? Nope, no four-door vehicles on this dairy farm.

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