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Friday, October 30, 2009

The last Friday of the month...

Last night I carved Ellen's pumpkin. She was more fascinated with what came out of it, rather than with the face I made in it. She keeps looking at the pumpkin and asking about what came out of it. I guess she had the idea it was hollow or something.

Today we went to town, Ellen and I, and as usual we went to the bank. We came out loaded down. She got her usual bag of popcorn, then a nice bank lady gave her a little bag of candy, and on the way out we got ourselves two of their free calendars.

I have joined NaBloPoMo for next month. I actually didn't join this month, which is a shame, because unless there is a problem tomorrow I will have succeeded at blogging every day.

There is no theme for November blogging, so I am thinking of what to blog about. Last year I saved up mail order catalogs for a week. This time I think I will try for the whole month and see what I get. Ha!

This morning before we went to town, we had to round up a cow from the dry herd up the road. This is always great fun after it has been raining off and on for 2 weeks because the mud in the corral is over your head...well, not really, but you don't escape unscathed. Hubby had to use the tractor instead of the truck to take the trailer up there and get her because the truck wouldn't have worked in the mud, even the 4W drive wouldn't have helped.

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jel said...

ya did look like ya was have a ball as ya were driving down the road! :)