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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Story Time

This was a shot I couldn't resist. Ellen loves to read. She will set up her stuffed animals and dolls and read to them. Sometimes just one or two, sometimes a whole line up. This time she decided to read to the kitten, and the kitten seems to be very attentive.

This yellow kitten continues to amaze me. I am quite sure she must have been the runt of the litter and didn't get any colostrum before she and her litter mates were chucked off to the side of the road. She just seems more frail and is just a bit behind in her milestones. The grey kitten is now weaned off the bottle, but this yellow one just doesn't quite get how to lap milk up yet. She does eat some solids, but not enough.

Anyway, yesterday just before I went to church last night she started acting weird; acted weak like she couldn't walk and was barfing and well, going from the other end as well. I thought she was a goner. But when I came home she acted weak a bit still, but was hungry and looking for food. Today she is right as rain. You wouldn't know anything was wrong. Hmmm...

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