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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Another random photo...

I just went to my picture files, clicked on one and voila, Boston Cream Pie...the fast way. I dunno but what I have posted this pic on here before. It looks good; maybe I should try it again.

I need to bake a cake tomorrow. I want to try something different. I need to get back into trying to make pies; real pies. The last time I made a pie, outside of a pumpkin pie for Christmas last year, I forgot the sugar in it. *sigh* Hubby said that zucchini pie without the sugar resembles what a green persimmon pie might taste like. HA!


jel said...

just made a egg custard pie and cherry pie. :)

Unknown said...

HA! Your husband reminds me of my husband! :) I just posted a recipe for a different kind of apple pie. It's apple and green tomato pie. Sounds weird, but it's soooo good! My initial reaction to the combo was sort of like my reaction to a chocolate-zucchini cake my friend's mother made when I was 16. I thought, "BLECH!" You know what? It was sooooooo good!