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Friday, October 2, 2009

The Haunting Theme post

This month's NaBloPoMo theme is "haunting" and today is a good day to talk about such. It's a regular October day out there; blustery and whirling with leaves.

Not being the superstitious type I wouldn't say that I have ever been haunted, in the ghostly way. I guess I have been haunted by things in the past; things I've done or haven't done. That would all probably fall under the "regrets" catagory as well I believe.

(Ummm...excuse me...Ellen's puzzle is barking at me. Yes, it is. It's one of those sound puzzles and she left a piece out of it. The light is hitting is just right to activate the dog barking.)

One thing I regret is not being more outspoken in my younger years. I was too worried about what people thought of me. Who gives a rip? But I guess that is something most of us feel as we age.

One thing I was told I'd regret but I don't is my not going to the senior prom in high school. I didn't want to get then, I wouldn't go now if I had a chance. Who cares?

I think one of the main things I am haunted by is the fact that I lost touch with so many friends from high school after graduation. Perhaps the fact of growing up and growing apart enters into the equation, but mostly in my case I believe it was more my being totally socially incompetent; embarrassed by who I was and not knowing how to change myself.

Well, that's enough haunting for now. It's too depressing. Ha!

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