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Friday, October 23, 2009

This week is almost over...

Thank God.

What random mundane dairy details can I relate today?

With his undefeatable determination hubby got that load of wood up the hill today and got it split and stacked.

I did the dreaded weekly shopping trip today. Ellen actually did really well; she didn't even throw a fit. But then again, we only went to 2 stores.

Yesterday I tried a new cake recipe. Actually I have had the recipe for awhile, just never tried it before. It's called Candy Bar Cake and involves a layer of caramel, choco chips and nuts in the center of the cake. I didn't have a devil's food cake mix, or a box of instant choco pudding, so I used a German Chocolate mix and a box of vanilla pudding, and it seemed to do well. Hubby doesn't care for nuts in things, so I skipped those too. It was still really good, as far as cake goes. I'm not much of a cake fan.

It has been blowing and raining off and on the past couple of days, so we have a veritible carpet of leaves all over. We are probably going to mow them this year, instead of burn them.

I am about ready to start advertising these kittens, to get rid of them, that is. Though I doubt anyone will want the little gray one. He is lame in one leg, doesn't use it at all. And the orange one is so homely, not to mention a female. Well, we shall see.

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