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Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Popcorn Caper

Our wonderful local bank always has free popcorn every Friday morning. In the past couple of months I have been letting Ellen have a little bag on our way out whenever we go to the bank. She used to get all excited about the little Dum-Dum sucker they'd give her, but NOW she has to have the popcorn.

Well, horror of horrors, yesterday the popcorn machine was out of order! AAARRRGGGGG!!!! We went in and it was empty! She just kept looking at it the whole time I was with the teller. All the gals in there, most of whom know our whole family, kept watching her and saying 'uh-oh.' One handed her a sucker, but she rejected it straight off and threw her dolly down on the floor in protest. She wasn't vocal about it just yet though.

It was when we headed out the door, past the empty popcorn machine that they tears started. "Want my popcorn!" she wailed and sat her little two-year-old self on the floor. "Want my popcorn!"

The tellers, being very good-natured, made sympathetic noises and told me to either go to the downtown branch, whose machine was working, or to wait an hour and come back as that branch was going to deliver some bags to them.

Well. Being the softie that I am I couldn't deny my kid her once a week go to town treat, so we headed to the downtown bank. ("Downtown" being just a couple miles away) Ellen moaned all the way there, but was happy when she got her bag of popcorn.

Of course in the grocery store I cleaned most of it up off the floor. But what can you do? It kept her occupied for most of the shopping trip; which is the main reason I let her have it in the first place.