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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Big News, Big News!!

At least if you have lived in this area before this might be big news for you.


Someone bought the Windyville store, and she plans on opening it again. Yesterday she had a big yard sale there. She bought the big white house kitty-corner from the store and has lived there about a year.

There are some who remain skeptical about the whole deal, but we all wish her the best with her venture. They, she and her family, have come to our church once or twice and seem to be nice people, though I haven't met them. She is shooting for a grand opening in December.

Other news:

We had our monthly singing at church this evening. Every last Sunday of the month we do that. It was very nice. Afterwards there are treats in the back that everyone has contributed. It's great to get together and have fun like that, on an informal basis. Not that we are a formal church in any sense of the word. There's a father and son team there that play in a popular local band called "Potter's Wheel." They have played at Silver Dollar City, just a couple of weeks ago, I believe. Anyway, they do bluegrass gospel and really know how to get with it.

It has been raining most all day. And it's supposed to rain most of the coming week. Weird. We are hoping it doesn't continue on like this all winter; it would add up to quite a bit of snow and ice if it does.

Out of time for now.

Good night!

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