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Thursday, October 22, 2009

I feel so bad...

Last night at church I heard some really sad news. One of the families from church lost a family member (I think it was a cousin, but not sure)to a freak accident. The man took his 8 year old son out to cut wood on Tuesday. A tree fell on the father and killed him, in front of his son. So here I was on Tues celebrating my husband's escape from a freak death and somewhere in the area on the same day a lady lost her husband and a little boy saw his father killed. (The family is from Urbana and is new to the church so I don't know where this happened or even remember the name that was mentioned.)

On my Facebook entry one neighbor (who knows what she's talking about) commented that widowhood happens in the strangest ways and often there's no warning. And that's the truth. Like I said in one of my responses; often it's the everyday things that will get you. The things you do on an everday basis that you start taking for granted, and suddenly something weird happens and BAM! You are gone. It pays to be ready to go.

For instance I think it was just a week or two ago, during a storm a dairyman from Phillipsburg went out to check on a fresh cow and calf. He was struck by lightning and killed. And it wasn't in a major storm, just a little thunder off to the west or north. So now his widow and 17 year old son are going to make a go of it and try to keep the dairy going. The man was only 41, from Mexico. He'd just got his citizenship. I go out and do chores in storms all the time. It's scary.

We get "The Budget" which is the Amish/Mennonite weekly newspaper. I'd never thought about it before but they live a highly dangerous lifestyle. We are forever reading about freak accidents they have with horses, machinery, motor vehicles hitting their buggies; you name it. So many people maimed or killed by things they do every day.

Well, enough on the depressing stuff. Whoever you are, wherever you are: BE CAREFUL!

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