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Friday, November 13, 2009

Random Photo

Here, out of my photo files, is a picture of Ellen sitting on her quilt.

This quilt was made for her by one of my overseas pen-pals, who mailed it to her for Ellen's first birthday. I treasure this quilt and pray it will be one that Ellen will treasure also.

This pen-pal is Victoria, from the Ukraine. She and I became pals way back when it was all still the USSR over there. We do not keep in touch much, and mostly by email now, but we are still friends nonetheless. She is quite the seamstress and does really beautiful work.

I treasure all of my friends and pen-friends, but this was one the most touching gifts we have ever received in the mail.


Taylor said...

That is really cool that you have a pen pal overseas. The quilt is beautiful!

jel said...

Pur~T ! :)

Unknown said...

I cannot get over how much Ellen has grown since I first started reading your blog!!!

I love that you have pen-pals! I used to have a few pen-pals when I was a kid and then when I was a teenager, but I'm only in contact with one of them now. We have been pen-pals since 1992, so we've gone through A LOT together over the years. Amazing how we started off as teenagers, getting ready to set foot into the "real world" and now we're married, have our work, our families, our children...