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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Something for Saturday

Behind me Ellen is reading her "meek" books. "Meek" is her term for "music." She can say music, but meek is what she calls it.

Anyway. At the dollar store a long time ago I got 4 of those little CD books, with the lyrics included. She gets lots of milage out of these. She has most of the songs memorized and can get the books and sit and sing from them. It is hilarious to hear her little falsetto chanting "Camptown Races" or "Oh, Suzanna." There are about 10-12 songs on each CD so she has quite a list to go through. And she HAS to sing each book. But some songs she skips, for whatever reason.


C from Random Thoughts and Musings from the Island wanted to know the Biblical reason to why my husband thinks it's my job to help him out with the gift giving ideas at holiday times. He says the Bible says the wife is supposed to be the "help mate" to the husband. Therefore I have to help him with everything. It doesn't say in there that HE HAS TO HELP ME! Ha.

He was pretty pleased with himself; just laughed and laughed.

But last week the pastor preached about how, though it says in the Bible where the wife is supposed to submit to her husband, further down it says that the husband is supposed to love his wife as he loves himself. BUT he thought it was interesting that nowhere in the Bible does it exhort the wife to love her husband. HA!

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