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Monday, November 16, 2009

Marriage Proposals

A few months ago I foolishly joined some pen-pal website, put my email address in it. Of course I immediately began getting junk mail, tons of junk mail. I tried to go back and delete it but there was no way to delete the profile. I emailed the owner and asked for my profile to be deleted, but dunno if they ever did or not. I even forget the site now, it has been so long.

The major traffic from it dried up a bit, but I think that's only because my name was pushed on down the list by new idjits who signed up.

And now I get at least one or two emails a week, sometimes less, sometimes more, from people saying they have seen my profile. Some of them say they saw my profile on "DreamBook." Well, this was NOT the site I joined. I went to this DreamBook site and a flag came up saying it was not safe, so I was unable to peruse it to find my supposed profile.

Anyway. Most of these emails I get from there are marriage proposals. Some of them are short and sweet, some of them are sprinkled with promises of large amounts of cash from a dead relative, and some of them are's an example. You tell me what you think.

Hi Friend,
With love and passion i wish to say compliment of the great season and best wishes in all you do this day. How are you and the environment over there? I'm pleased to meet you.My names is Aviss Kair from Canada.I live and work in my country with the Global Welfare and Child Development (GWCD) here in Canada .I'm a single lady of 24 years of age, single looking forward to my better subordinate in mere future.I wish to associate with you in all areas of life. I've never be married cos due to lack of trust and betray which i had in the past.It will be wonderful if you will be part of me to be my partner, co-passion and It will be nice for me if you can as well join and be a part in this my trip. I need a man that's good looking in-ward not minding race or ethnicity,your sincerity i care for, your honesty i cherish,your passion i search for, be my better half.Let's associate together in divinity, co-operate world, mutual relationship, be part of me and i be part of you, in all i do I'll have you in mind cos you are in me.I've travelled far and wide, mixed with different races in the co-operate world, i do understand that the plight of human is to direct and re-direct the low and the needy. I open my arms wide to associate with you receive you and believe you will give me your sincerity as well. Let make the world and the union a worth living and experiencing. I wish to be with you and relate together for the good of each other.I will get back to you after your mail for more detail about me.You are welcome to my world. if you can as well join and be a part in this my trip the Global Welfare and Child Development (GWCD) here in Canada.
Our Regards


Heh heh heh.

I didn't even bother bursting this gal's bubble by emailing her back and saying; "Sorry darling, can't share your passion. I am an old married woman with a kid already." Hopefully Aviss will find someone to share her passion with.

Any takers to associate in divinity? Let me know, I'll forward her email address to you.


Unknown said...

WOW! I just had to chuckle when I read that letter to you! Too funny!

Hey, at least when you need a good laugh, you can always look back at these!

Hmmmm...I wonder what your husband thinks of Aviss' letter? LOL! ;) Too funny.

Can I tell you that I was trying to decipher whether it was one of those hoax e-mails or if she was being serious!?

Camille said...

That is hilarious. Also a little scary. lol.