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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Blog or Bust

OK. We are coming down to the final days here of NaBloPoMo. It keeps getting harder and harder to come up with something to write about. Things happen, but it's hard to force myself to sit down and write about them.

Gun deer season closes this Tues, I believe. Then bow season opens again. We have folks beating a path to our door to bow hunt out in our field just down the road. We are letting another guy hunt over there too. He's pretty optimistic; said he'll give us some meat.


No one seems to be taking me up on a free kitten or two. I think I am going to be stuck with them. I don't want them, no matter how cute they are. The only trouble is that there is a mile long list of free kitties in the newspaper every week. Hubby says way back when he was a kid there weren't as many available.

He also said back then no one had ever heard of cat or dog food. They were lucky to get table scraps, and beyond that they were expected to catch their own food.


Ellen is starting to worry me. She is starting to ask questions like: "Where did that truck come from?" "Where did that tree come from?" "Where did those cows come from?"

Some day we are going to be in the store and she's going to point and ask; "Where did that baby come from?" Ha!

I usually tell her that the whatever-it-is she asks about came from the store, or from home or from a seed or whatever is simplest. No need to get technical about it. Not at this age.

At her Parents as Teachers little evaluation last week she impressed the teacher because she can draw circles. Kelly said that they don't expect them to be able to do that until they are 4 years old.

She also is still using her left hand 99% of the time. Once in awhile she will use her right hand, but she will switch it over in a minute or less.

OK. That's enough for this session.

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