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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Post number 2 for the day

We had a teeny adventure today. At least it was an adventure for Ellen. We went down to the creek bottoms and got a load of wood. Hubby took the big blue tractor, so we didn't have any horrible adventures like he had last month. (click here)

Here's the view I had on the way down; Ellen's tousled head and hubby on the tractor.

I took Ellen on the 4-wheeler. She loved it. She always loves going down there, namely because she loves to go to the creek and throw rocks in the water. So after we'd helped load the wood, I took her to the creek for a bit.

There is something mesmerizing about water. It is a necessity of course; life seems to congregate around it. But there is also something about running water that offers a certain tranquility. I love to walk out into the middle of the creek and stand there and watch the eddies around the rocks, to listen to it chuckling along. The caw of a crow, the creak of a all adds up to peace of mind.


jel said...

when your right your right!
about the water that is :)

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