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Monday, November 2, 2009

Hunt'n Seaz'n

Yep; drop the "ing" and slur the "season". The bangs for a big buck are now being heard in our land. (And does too I believe.) Put'cher hunter orange caps on, tuck in yer chaw and go out and be a weekend warrior. Or whatever they call it.

This is the season where we get invaded by folks from out of town who think they are bigshots because they bought a hunting license and are going to go and get a big one.

There are kind of two unspoken factions here: the locals and the "furriners." The locals are the ones who oftentimes hunt, not for sport, but for their freezers. The "furriners" are the ones who come in here from out of town...sometimes out of state...and actually lease, that's right...LEASE land to hunt on.

If you are a local leasing your land, it's kind of funny. There's more than one way to get money from a city slicker. If it's someone who's come in, bought up the land, lives out of town and then leases it...weeeellll, that's kind of annoying. Lots of land around here has been hunted on by families for generations, then to have someone suddenly lease it out to an out-of-towner and deny access to anyone else is rather ummm....I am not sure what you'd call it, but it's not purty, not real neighborly-like, if you know what I mean.

About this time of year people who've moved in from other parts start slopping around the purple "no trespassing" paint on their trees and fence posts. And this tends to get the locals' backs up as well. There was a time when land was open, people used common courtesy when hunting, kept out of other folks' way, respected other folks' property...etc. But those times, sadly, are gone.

And to top it all of there's the MDC (Missouri Department of Conservation) that says that it doesn't matter if the dratted deer have been destroying your garden all summer and fall, if you accidentally hit one with your car you need to call them and get an OK from them to be able butcher it. Because, you see, these nuisance deer belong to MDC, and you'd best notify them of what you are doing to their property. But this could become a whole 'nother rant.

Ha ha.

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