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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Random Meanderings

The church Christmas program practices are going strong on Wed nights. Thank you Lord, I am not in charge of it this year. We did fine last year, but this year they are having more of the middlers involved. I doubt my abilities to maintain control and sanity over a much larger group. The gal in charge is almost 20 yrs younger than I am...more power to her. Plus she knows what she's doing; last year I had no idea.

Hubby was over talking to the renters yesterday. They are really nice. They come from St Joseph, more like city types than country. It is funny how you can tell city folks from the things they do. They have this driveway alarm that they set up. It's attached to a tree and has some kind of laser that goes across the driveway so when a car enters there's a gizmo in the house that beeps, alerting them.

Well, yesterday the guy tells hubby that they have to have it shut off at night.


The deer were tripping it constantly, all night long. (HAHAHAHA)

Oh, and they have to keep it shut off during the day too.


The crows keep tripping it during the day. (hehehehe)

Ah yes. Out here we are pretty much set up in a clearing out in the woods. There's always wildlife lurking around somewhere to make things interesting.

Another case in point:

Some other neighbors moved in here from a California suburb somewhere. First thing most folks want (aside from dogs and/or horses) is a flock of chickens. They got some and just let them run loose, and got highly irritated because the coyotes would just dart out of the bushes at any time of night or day and have a chicken breakfast, lunch or dinner. Convenient for the coyote.


Hubby has started putting out hay for the cow critters. They are now being kept up in their winter pasture. Means lots of scrubbing of udders come milking time; they lay up in the mud and yuck.

We got a little itsy-bitsy calf on Friday. This is seriously the smallest Holstein calf I have seen since I have been here. I could twirl her around on the tip of my finger like a basketball, almost. She's cute, but I'll be bound she is a free-martin and won't breed. Cow probably lost a twin bull earlier on and we didn't notice. But you never know.

Weather has been exceptional this past week, warm, sunny, breezy. Had to turn on the AC during church this AM. Got toasty in there.

That's all for today I suppose. I am running out of interesting things to post about.

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Anonymous said...

Cute! You should post a picture of your little calf!