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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Random Photo

Once, the first year here, we babysat our inlaws kitten. As most kittens do she loved to climb, so I tucked her into my plant stand, and she was happy to sit and pose for a few shots.

She is part Siamese and is very vocal to prove it.


Ellen got a veritible treasure trove of toys and whatnot today. A friend from church was cleaning out toys she'd had at her house and was very kind enough to bring them over to us.

Ellen's favorite is the new little doll house. It's a little platic job that folds in half and comes with all kinds of accessories; bed, tables, chairs, sofa, ottoman, fridge, stereo...etc, even a house plant. It's missing the mommy though. We will have to find a mommy to go along with the daddy and two kids and a dog.

There is also a 3 foot tall Winnie the Pooh jigsaw puzzle, along with several other puzzles. And one of those Buckaroo games, too. The one where you hang objects on a mule until he bucks them off.

Hubby, of course, had lots of fun making the mule buck. He found that if you hang an item on the tail and make it buck the item goes flying through the air over the mule's head. Ellen got a kick out of that!

After picking up all the puzzle pieces from off the floor twice, I put them all away for another year or two, until she is old enough to put them back in herself. I might keep out one of the more age appropriate puzzles, but no more. My nerves can't take it.

At any rate, now I am going to weed out a bunch of Ellen's "old" toys and pass them on to someone else.

Cheers for now.


The Lumberjack said...

My girls always loved getting new "old" toys from their bigger cousin.

The Lumberjack's Wife said...

Oops-didn't finish typing my name-I didn't become a man. :)