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Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's Official

National Blog Posting Month is on.


Today in church the pastor spoke about "practical" matters, as he has been doing the past few weeks. He quoted Dr Laura (whoever she is-not having a TV I am ignorant of such matters, though I recall hearing the name I believe)as saying something along the lines of:

"A society is only as moral as its women allow it to be."

A quote that he agreed with. And as I ponder it, I would suppose it certainly has truth in it, though I believe that there are other things to be factored in. Women are not always in control of legislation, which to a certain extent controls morality. But if fashion has anything to do with it I would say yes, because I believe women's fashions are nearing the point of being as slutty as possible without breaking the public indecency laws.

You know it is SO HARD to try and blog about a serious issue with a squirmy 2.75 year old on your lap.

Well, that's my deep thought for Sunday.

Happy blogging everyone. Have a great month!

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