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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It is a cool and blustery day here. It misted a bit on me when I did chores this morning, but otherwise has been dry. Glad I did laundry yesterday. This whole November has been really mild overall. I don't think we have had but maybe one or two days where it froze at night.

We got another little bull calf a few days ago. He's already gone. His mother isn't much of a producer. Hubby says we are going to put on the milk meters and measure how much each one is giving and then cull the bottom producers. We usually do this in the fall. No sense in feeding a bummer cow all winter if she's not producing enough to pay for herself.

My Tuesday Thankful List

6) Great in-laws. It is common to be snarky about one's in-laws, but I got really blessed in that department. No complaints here. They are always supportive and fun to be with.

7) A good husband. Maybe both of these, #6 and #7 ought to be included in #1, along with family. But it is worth mentioning separately. Hubby and I have never had a fight, and we don't argue. We do have disagreements, but there's no sense in having a knockdown-dragout fight over anything. I think we are both too laidback to worry about such things. We laugh at much the same things as well. Humor is always a good quality to have in your spouse.

8) Living in a country where I am free to worship as I please. Even though things are getting dicier on this issue, as of yet I am not persecuted for being a Christian and am free to speak my own opinion on the subject wherever I please.

9) My computer. Well, if you are reading this on YOUR computer maybe you understand what I am saying.

10) Books. My other entertainment, probably runs neck and neck with my computer. How would I manage on those nasty days where I can't get out to do anything and it's too dangerous to plug in the computer? Not to mention I do lots of traveling and vicarious living through books.


Anonymous said...

Our computer broke a week ago, and it was a terrible time! It is amazing how much we depend on it.

I have good in-laws, too!

Happy Thanksgiving!

jel said...

books are good!