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Thursday, November 26, 2009

More Thankfulness

I think I left off at number 10 last time.

11. Dessert. What would a good dinner be without one tacked on at the end?

12. Good books.
I know I included that on my What Makes Me Smile list, but it qualifies for Thankfulness too.

13. Country living.
Never easy, but fulfilling nonetheless.

14. A great church. We are all more like family and everyone is so supportive. There is no infighting and everyone loves to laugh together.

15. A full fridge and freezer. You can never rightfully claim poverty if you have these.

16. Running water. My mother-in-law tells stories of having to pack water from the creek; up hill, fighting chiggers and seed ticks and whatnot in summer. And let's not even talk about ice and snow in winter.

17. A cat. Sometimes she annoys me, but there's something cozy about a purring cat.

18. The postal service. I love getting mail.

19. Dry onion soup mix. (ha) It's a quick seasoning for lots of different things.

20. Knowing how to read and write. How limited life would be if I didn't have these skills.

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