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Friday, November 20, 2009

What are these?

Over the past few years, since hubby has been getting certain catalogs and magazines related to this subject, these thingamabobs have interested me. Don't know why; they are just weird to look at.

Then I think about how they are actually used: underground. The beating they take, and how their invention changed an industry. Well. Maybe it didn't change an industry, but in some places of the world they can make the difference between living and dying, so they can certainly be used to help change lives.

Used to be you'd use a shovel, a bucket, a long rope and a LOT of sweat to accomplish what one of these can help with; coupled with the right technology.

Yep. They are water well drill bits. They use them to drill through solid rock.

Hubby gets several different water well drilling magazines. One story in there really impressed me. Over in Africa clean water is a critical thing. There are well drilling companies that donate well drill rigs and time and money to go over there and drill wells in some areas.

Once the well is drilled the pumping mechanism is actually hooked up to a child's "round-about," or as we call them here, "merry-go-round." So instead of buckets, ropes or whatever, the children who are sent for water play on the merry-go-round to pump their water.

I liked that idea, and the kids in the pictures seemed pleased with the arrangement.


jel said...

I don't see any kids in the pictures?

Anonymous said...

I never know what half the stuff my husband has laying around is either. :)

Calfkeeper said...

jel-ha. I meant the kids in the magazine article. I got these pics off the internet.

tljw-yeah. He has lots of weird gadgets all over the place. Half the stuff I never even know what it's for even AFTER he explains what it is.

jel said...

got ya! :P