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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Yay for Deer Sausage!

Gun hunting season opened this weekend (not a couple weeks ago as I'd assumed...I think that was bow season that opened).

Anyway. The guy we let hunt on our property got an 8 point buck yesterday morning. On opening day. He was pretty proud. He's going to bring us some deer sausage. He may come back and try for a doe, he has a doe tag too. He's been bow hunting off and on the past couple of weeks, but didn't get anything.

There were tons of shots going off yesterday. Some of them sounded like if all the bullets hit the deer there wouldn't be much meat left when the carcass hit the ground.

We saw so many hunter orange drivers going back and forth all day yesterday. I guess there are several deer camps around here. That whole deal just cracks me up. Especially what we saw go by.

Hubby, Ellen and I were all outside when this Army-looking truck and trailer goes by, all camoflaged with green and brown paint blotches. The driver honked and both driver and passenger waved enthusiastically at us as they went by.

We waved back, but hubby said; "I think some of them just get carried away. How many deer do they expect to get to have to haul them in that big of a trailer?"

Oh, well. Let them have their fun I suppose. Only thing is that I try and stay inside as much as possible and keep Ellen inside. There have already been too many incidents of stay bullet injuries and such. It's kind of scary.

On this same subject. Gun season in California was a few weeks earlier than here I believe. I guess my nephew went out and got his buck, brought it back to the meat plant (where he works)to be processed, along with the pork meat that they mix with the deer meat for sausage.

They grind it...then at the other end he looks at it and says, "What's all this blue stuff in it?"

Ummm...someone had left their rubber gloves on the meat processor and they got ground into his meat.

Forty pounds of meat. Down the drain.

He was just a tad upset.


jel said...

that is why ya do it your self!

DH got a 8 point yesterday :)

Unknown said...

It's deer season here too. We've got hunters at our hunt camp for the week.

Can I tell you I've been walking to my vehicle with a bright orange jacket on just in case?! LOL! ;)