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Monday, November 19, 2012

What to blog, what to blog, what to blog...

OK Drawing a major blank here. 

5 minutes max to blog.

No time to post a picture. 

Oh, about this?

Just read an article on MSN about diet soda.  Do you know diet soda actually CAUSES obesity?  It's because the artificial sweeteners fool your body into thinking it needs more calories.  The calories in the sugar in regular soda actually fills you up.  Diet soday messes with your metabolism as well, among many other things. 


I am so glad Ellen won't drink the stuff. 

I wonder if the PTO people would crap their pants if I stood up at a meeting and stated I wanted the soda machines removed from all of the Buffalo schools.  Along with the bottled water.

We need to install a cold water station or two at every school and give out aluminum re-usable water canisters.

La child, I can just hear the shrieks of protest now!



Anonymous said...

Aluminum causes brain problems

Calfkeeper said...

hehehehehe... I knew someone would pick up on the aluminum issue. Too funny.
What I meant was stainless steel, but I didn't have time to go back and change it last night.

Actually it's still a big controversy over aluminum containers. Mostly it's the BPA coating that was leaching into the water. Some companies now use a different coating on the aluminum for those reusable water bottles, theoretically I suppose that coating blocks the leaching process of the aluminum.

Some studies show aluminum is safe as long as you don't use fruit juices or heated water in them. But then again there's the cooking pots people have used for generations with apparently no problems.

Really, as far as public schools go, they ought to just have drinking fountains available with paper cups if needed.