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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

More Thanks

Didn't I leave off at 10?

I believe so.

11.  Teaching the teens at church.  They never fail to make me laugh.  I used to be terrified of kids; teens in particular.  But we have such a great group of teens at church.  Their sincerity for Christ is always an inspiration.

12. My health.  I never take that for granted.  I always give God thanks for good health.

13. Music  I am not a big music fan; of any genre.  But when I get in the mood to listen, I enjoy it very much.

14.  The car.  You may laugh at this, but I can't overemphasize how nice it is to go grocery shopping in a car instead of a truck.  Especially when I have Ellen along.

15. The gift of laughter.  The older I get the more I learn how to laugh at myself.  I wish I'd learned the knack of not taking myself too seriously back when I was about 12.  I think I would have been more outgoing.

16. Living in a land of plenty.  There is no other country in the world where food is so plentiful and cheap.  It's a privilege we often take for granted.

17. Good teeth.  Another one you can laugh at if you want.  But I think it's a great blessing to reach age 44 and not have a cavity.

18. The icemaker.  It simplifies things in the kitchen for one thing.  And for another; all I have to do at meal time is put ice in the glasses and Ellen will hear it and come to the table from where-ever in the house she may be.  It's like a dinner bell for her. 

19.  Electricity.  Listen, you may think this is a trivial one, but I know there are places in the world where they don't have any.  Back in '07 we went 9 days without it and believe you me, life is so much easier with electricity.  As in, hot showers...etc.

20. A husband who knows how to fix things; everything from wells to toilets.  He's the man!

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