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Friday, November 16, 2012

Oh Great!

As if there aren't enough freaks in the world.  Now we find out that the latest one was going to act out here in Missouri; just one county away from us.

If you hadn't heard go Google "Blaec Lammers Bolivar Missouri." 

When I first moved out here, and on various occasions when I speak with people; they've congratulated me on living out in the country and what an ideal place it is to raise a child. 

Yes.  This is true to a certain point.

But humans tend, and that involves all the bad as well as the good. 

Here in the country the drug issue is probably as bad or worse as in the city.  Gangs aren't that big of an issue in our county; but drugs certainly are.  And mental illness knows no geographic boundaries. 

Thank God for this guy's mother and her timely call to the police.  I hope they put him away for good. Poor kid. I don't like making MSN headlines in this fashion.

Hopefully this will be a better weekend.

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