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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Makin' a List

Way back when I still lived in Portland, I remember my wry, eye-rolling amusement at my sister-in-law for her lists.  She lived her life by lists and her day-runner (Blackberries and iPads and other such high-tech organizational helps not having been invented yet); grocery, errands, church activities, school activities...etc.  You name it, she had a list for it.

At that time I lived such a simple life I thought it was all hilarious.

Times have changed.

Not that I don't live a simple life now, and I am still terribly disorganized.

But I find that a running list helps me to get things done.  Hubby always has a running list of things to do. 

We, hubby and I, are alike in that we use no high-tech gadgets for our list keeping.  Not even a day-runner.  We specialize in random slips of paper; stuffed in pockets, lying around on tables, counters or chairs. 

It certainly helps me focus my activites to get things accomplished; even the simplest weekly house chores.  I write them down and then cross them off when I have finished.  At the end of the day or week I have a better sense of accomplishment. 

Someday Ellen will probably be rolling her eyes at me, but that's all good.  I bet anything she will start making lists by time she is in middle school. 


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