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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ready for School

There are times I of of the opinion that my child is too much like her mother; in temperament, behavior, left-handedness, hobbies...etc.

Then she goes in to get ready for school and I am comforted by the fact that she certainly must have a goodly portion of her dad's side of the family in her. 

I don't believe that from the day I started Kindergarten I ever wanted to wear a dress.  But a dress or skirt is what Ellen wants to wear EVERY day.  On these really cold mornings she will even consent to wear tights, so she can wear a dress. 

In this area we are so blessed that she has a grandma and an aunt who love to either make her lovely little dresses, or who manage to find them dirt cheap at closeout sales.

Yes, Ellen revels in wearing girly stuff.

AND she insists on painstakingly going through her jewelry collection to pick out the right accessories.  On Sunday mornings she even has to put on her "makeup."

I am glad she is like this.  I wouldn't want her to be a tomboy like me.


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