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Monday, November 5, 2012

A Budding Janet Oke...

From the moment Ellen could hold a writing implement in her little hand...and it was ALWAYS the left hand, mind you...she has been doodling away. 

Just this past year, in Feb and March 2012, she started composing her own books.  They were generally just a series of pictures.  Her first one we gave away to her Aunt as a birthday present. 

I think the book had something to do with gardening:
The first page was drawing of all sorts of gardening tools; rake, hoe, trowel, shovel... 
The second page was of Aunty and Ellen in the garden, with rows of vegetables.
The third page was either a basket with veggies in it, or a kitchen scene, I forget.
Fourth page was of Ellen, Grandma and Aunty sitting at a table eating the veggies.

Ellen would get a sheet of contruction paper and make a cover for her book, have me spell out her choice for a title and then she'd write her name.

Over the past few months she has made several picture books like that; with various themes; haunted houses, trips to the zoo, whatever.

Now, after 2 months of Kindgergarten this is Ellen's next book she is writing.  This time with text.

In case you are not able to read the pictures; she is writing about a trip to Pizza Hut.

Why a trip to Pizza Hut?  I have no idea.  She has never been to Pizza Hut in her life that I can recall; at least not with me, and certainly not with Mommy and Daddy together.  (When she got a free gift certificate from the library for their reading program I DID take her to Hip Pocket Pizza in Buffalo, but Daddy didn't come with us.)


A book about a trip to Pizza Hut.  (Ellen's spelling; Hot.  lol)  And she draws pictures and writes text each page in sequential order; we take our seats, Mommy carries the pizza...etc.

I can hardly wait to see what she will be writing about in FIRST grade. 

And, yes, certainly, most definitely I am saving all of her books! 


Taylor said...

I think her spelling is quite good for a kindergartener, especially!

moe said...

That kid needs a blog. Or you could set her up with a page on yours.

On a "welcome back to school" night when mine was going into I think 4th grade, the principal told us "We will be hearing quite a bit about YOU"(families)"and we hope you will be hearing quite a bit about us. We promise not to believe all of it if about you if you promise not to believe all of it about us."