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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Comfy, cozy...

As you can tell this is an old pic.  This was taken just a couple of weeks after the great ice storm of 2007.  We were out of power for about 9 days, I believe.  I was 8 months pregnant and not happy.


Matilda, even during the ice storm, whilst the rest of us were slogging around in the ice, snow and sub-freezing temps...Matilda spent her days curled up on the sofa; blissfully ignorant of the rigors of keeping warm and milking cows with no electricity.

I am of the opinion that if you have a happy cat; you are quite likely to have a happy home.  Comfort attracts a cat like a magnet.  She will find the snuggest place in the house and curl up there.  In fact, I just pushed her off of my lap to write this.  It is difficult to type with a cat in your lap.  If there is much dissension in the house, the cat will be nervous.  Cats can sense things like that. 

Matilda has been a great kitty.  She kills rats in the summer and keeps my lap warm in winter. 

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