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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happenings today

Ellen and I went to church.  Hubby stayed home and worked on his hay baler.  Then this PM he baled hay with the neighbor.  They got a grand total of 8 bales which, when split, of course gives us FOUR bales each.  WOO.  and  HOO.

Hubby says he probably won't do that second cutting next year.  HA

The people we'd met last week and I'd invited to church, actually did come to church this week.  They likely will not be permanent residents in the area, but it was nice to see them anyway.  I hope they come back.

Just the past few days Ellen has become totally enchanted with reading.  It has become magic to her.  She gets books that have languished on her shelves for awhile and is trying to read them.  She can pick out quite a few words.  Some of the books she has memorized, or mostly memorized, so she can sound out a few of the longer words.  Every so often she will get aggravated, throw down the book, and say that she just can't do it.  But it isn't long before she's got it up again and is working at it.  If I am busy and can't sit and help her she spells the words out to me and I help her that way. 

By first grade I am sure she will be reading Tolkien, if not Tolstoy.

Ha.  JK JK  (as the teens would write.)

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