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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Blue-Blooded Bull

Meet De-Su.

He is a GIN-YOU-INE registered Holstein bull; about 18-19 months old.  His registered name is: DE-SU 1288-ET.  And he has quite the pedigree.  Here is his registration certificate, on the left, and his pedigree on the right.

The pedigree is just a listing of stats of his dams and granddams.  About their milk productions, protein scores and all that stuff.  They are all DOM, or dams of merit.  Whatever that means. 

All I know is that he cost a pretty penny.  And he'd better be worth it all. 

Bulls are supposed to carry the better part of the responsibility of siring good producing cows, as well as calving ease...smaller calves, that is.

In nine months we will see about the calving ease, and in 2 yrs and 9 months we shall see about the production.  Seems a long time to wait.


Donna. W said...

Although I've never had a real dairy, I used to subscribe to Jersey Journal, so I understand a lot of what you are saying here. I can only imagine how expensive the bull was, and I bet he will make you proud.

Calfkeeper said...

Thank you, Donna. We sure hope so!