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Monday, November 26, 2012

To Urbana we went today...

We had to take two non-producing culls to the sale barn, along with the bull we just got last year.

He was the white one.  I was sad to have to get rid of him, but he was siring these humongo calves that needed pulled from the cows.  Hubby was going to put him in with the heifers after we got this last blue-blooded bull, but decided that if he is giving the older cows such calving problems, what would he do to the little heifers? 

So, off to the sale barn he went.  At least we have another 9 months of his progeny to come along.  I hope we get a bunch of cute little white heifers. 

This was not what I was going to post for today, but my computer is going so slowly I knew I wouldn't be able to get a pic to load on here before I had to shut down.

I will try for something more interesting tomorrow.

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